This Is How You Know That You’re Dating An Emotionally Immature Boy; And Not A Strong Man

Don’t date immature people.

You’re dating a boy when he’s an impatient guy. He’s the type of guy who would rush you into doing what he wants in a relationship even when you’re not ready for it. He’s the type of guy who would throw a fit if he doesn’t get what he wants. He wouldn’t care about moving at a pace that you’re comfortable with. He just only cares about getting what he wants right away.

But a strong man would have the patience to wait for you. He would really make sure to let you know that you are free to do whatever you want. He will want you to know that he will not want to pressure you into doing anything in the relationship that you might not be comfortable with doing just yet. And if you’re too busy for him, he will wait for you. He has his own life he can go back to while keeping himself busy as he’s waiting for you to be ready for him.

You’re dating a boy when he is always so dependent and reliant on you to survive. You know that he’s the type of guy who would never make it on his own. He would never be able to stand on his own two feet if no one helps him out. He turns to you to help him get through this difficult world because he can never really rely on himself.

But a strong man is always going to be able to stand on his own. He has his own personal dreams and goals and he isn’t afraid of putting in the effort to go after them. He is a smart individual and he is crafty. He can get by on his own with minimal assistance from others. He understands the value of hard work and he knows that the best things in life are always worthy struggling for. 

You’re dating a boy when all he wants is a trophy girl. He just wants to use you as someone who he can be seen out in public with. He wants to use you as a girl he can show off to his friends. He will want to use you for all the personal pleasures that you give him. He doesn’t love you per se. He just loves the idea of being with you.

But a strong man is always going to know your worth. He is going to see you as a real equal. He will acknowledge that you are a human being with your own individual goals and dreams. He knows that you are going to have your fair share of flaws because you are only human. But he also knows that you are someone who is capable of great things and he would never want to hold you back from them.

You’re dating a boy when he never seems to be the one who takes the initiative in your relationship. He is always passive. He always defers to you. He doesn’t really make the effort to plan dates. He doesn’t take the time to think about gifts to give you or errands to run for you. He basically just exists as a random entity in your life.

But a strong man is going to be more than just a random entity. He is always going to make a mark on your life. He isn’t going to be passive in his approach to loving you. He is going to want to take your relationship into his own hands. He is going to treat you and your relationship like a precious little gem because would never want to make you feel like you are being taken for granted.

You’re dating a boy when he puts so much effort into trying to demean, belittle, and insult other men. He is so insecure about who he is as a person that he is going to try to bring everyone else down to his level. He can’t stand seeing other people succeeding and getting ahead of him. He will only want to do things for himself. 

But a strong man is too busy building himself up to focus on trying to bring other people down. He is secure enough about who he is as a person that he doesn’t feel the need to try to put others in a bad light. 

You’re dating a boy when he knows and understands how to grab your attention with his initial charm and his charisma. There will be something about him that you won’t be able to resist when you first meet and you will be helpless to his moves.

But a strong man is someone who won’t necessarily wow you right away; he’s someone who is going to get better with time. He’s like a fine wine. He’s the kind of guy who you will still want to be with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years down the line.

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