This Is What Being Loyal Means Because It’s More Than Just Not Cheating On Your Partner

Being loyal means that you make a conscious choice to not make yourself available to anyone else at this point.

Being loyal to someone is more than just behaving and staying in your place. It’s more than just making sure that you don’t go fooling around with anyone else. Being loyal is more than just making sure that you’re not doing anything shady behind your partner’s back. Being loyal means so much more than just making sure that you’re only having sex with just one person at a time. Being loyal means more than just being a part of a monogamous relationship. Being loyal means so much more than just being involved with one person in your life.

It means that you willingly remove yourself from any dating apps or dating sites because you’re no longer on the market. Being loyal means making sure that the people around you know that you’re no longer looking for options because you’ve already found the one for you. Being loyal means erasing the contact information of the backup relationships and flames that you have in your phone because you know you don’t need a backup anymore. Being loyal means that you don’t want to engage in random hookups or short-term flings with anyone anymore. It means that you’ve given up that life of meaningless sex and flirtatious advances with strangers.

It means that you no longer seek the thrills that come with chasing after different people because you’re perfectly happy with the relationship that you’re already in. Being loyal means that you no longer concern yourself with the pursuit of multiple partners. You’re no longer to collect and select. You’re in a happy place with the person you love and you want to do your best to stay there. Being loyal in a relationship means that you love your partner too much that you would never want to do anything that might potentially hurt or harm them.

Being loyal means that you no longer flirt with anyone else other than the person that you’re with; not just because you know that it’s wrong, but because you have no interest in doing so anymore. Being loyal means automatically shutting down anyone who might make some moves on you because you know that it would hurt your partner to know if you started entertaining these advances. It’s not that you want to be rude to people who flirt with you. You just don’t want to lead them on knowing that you’re already in a committed relationship with someone else. It just means that you really don’t want to be starting something up when you know that you’re not going to follow through on it. It means that you’re perfectly at ease with your relationship and you don’t want to mess that up by welcoming any drama into your life.

Being loyal in a relationship means actually making it clear to those around you that you’re unavailable to them. It means that you change your social media relationship status to Taken or In a relationship so as to ward off any prospective suitors or mates. You just want everyone to know that you’re serious about the relationship that you’re in. You don’t want to be unclear or ambiguous about it. You don’t want to be vague regarding the status of your romantic life. You are in a loving relationship with someone and you aren’t going to budge. You no longer seek validation from the flirtatious advances of other people. You no longer need the confidence boosts that you get when someone tries to put the moves on you. For you, it’s enough that your partner loves you.

Being faithful to your partner means always opening up to them about your life. Being faithful means always being honest and truthful to your partner about everything even when the truth might make you a little uncomfortable. Being loyal means always telling your partner the truth even when it’s inconvenient for you to do so; even if doing so is going to get you into trouble. Being loyal to someone means acknowledging that they always deserve the truth from you; and that you have no right to be lying to them in any capacity.

Being loyal to someone means allowing yourself to be vulnerable with that person. It means that you let that person into your life and you let them find whatever they want to find. Being loyal to someone means placing your heart in their hands and trusting that they’re not going to do anything to harm it. Being loyal to someone means always committing yourself to doing whatever it takes to make the relationship work. Being loyal to someone means you loving that person the way that you’re supposed to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.


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