This Is Why Males Are More Emotionally Distant Than Their Female Counterparts

Why is it that men and women still tend to have different approaches to dating and relationships? You’re probably familiar with so many stories from women about how their boyfriends or husbands are so distant and closed off. But you also usually hear about the lucky women who say that they’ve already found the perfect man.

And if you take a survey of what women typically look for in a “perfect” man it’s likely that they’re going to come up with the following answers:

  1. He is someone who is always very romantic and he really puts in the effort to plan great dates.
  2. He offers great support when it comes to going after goals and dreams.
  3. He is family-oriented and he really values kids.
  4. He expresses a desire to help around the household.
  5. He spends a lot of time on the relationship and his partner.

Of course, these are just generalities. A lot of different women all over the world are going to have different ideas of what their perfect man is going to be like. However, based on a recent study that was conducted by a team of experts at the University of Oxford, a lot of men with the qualities listed above actually exist in this world – however, they are more of the exception to the rule.

Out of the 341 people who were involved in the study, it was discovered that:

  1. Women tend to see relationships as being heavily dependent on the teamwork kind of dynamic. They see that it’s always going to require equal effort on both sides of the party. However, men are going to want to value the idea of individuality in a relationship a lot more.
  2. Men are a lot more likely to place their romantic relationships on equal levels with some of their closest friendships as well. However, they understand that the natures of these relationships are different.
  3. Men aren’t really going to tie their sense of happiness and fulfillment to whether or not they are in relationships. On the other side of the coin, women are going to place bigger importance on their romantic relationships and close friendships for their sense of happiness.
  4. Women admitted to always preferring cooperation rather than competition with their best friends. They have also admitted to placing their romantic partners on pedestals.
  5. Both sexes also admitted to engaging in “romantic extremes” with their romantic partners.

“Our research shows that successful relationships are much more essential to a women’s well-being than men’s. Men seem to keep their relationships at arm’s length,” said Dr. Anna Machin, one of the researchers from Oxford University.

Men and women are definitely going to differ in their approaches to relationships, however, both sexes do confirm that relationships are their primary source of “comfort, stability, and understanding.”

Knowing this, the most valuable piece of wisdom that anyone can offer a lot of frustrated women who struggle with having emotionally distant and closed off men would to not take everything so personally. You’re both going to have different needs and expectations in your relationship. And you should learn to be tolerant of that.

Instead, it would be much more rewarding for you to seek other aspects of life that would be able to offer you joy, happiness, and fulfillment such as hobbies, interests, passions, friendships, and social causes.

This is going to end up taking a lot of pressure off your partner and on the relationship – and it’s definitely going to create a lighter and more positive atmosphere of love between the two of you.

Lastly, it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are plenty of men out there who seek to have equal partnerships with women. If you start to feel like your boyfriend is being emotionally distant, you might want to rethink the idea of walking down the aisle together for a bit. There might be a need for you to recalibrate your priorities and expectations in your relationship.

If you happen to be a guy who seeks high levels of freedom and independence in a relationship, there are a lot of women out there who would be willing to give you exactly what you want. It’s important that you are able to find a person who you know you are compatible with.

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