This Is Why Men Feel More Heartbreak Than Women

Yes, there are a lot of similarities that are shared between men and women with regards to daily life. We are all human beings who require food for sustenance. We are all people who need to sleep to recharge and recover from a long day’s work. We are all people who need to breathe in oxygen in order to function properly all throughout the day.

We are all people who share similar vulnerabilities. We all bleed when we’re cut. We are all human beings who are capable of cognitive thought and rational thinking. And yet, despite all of these similarities, we all have a lot of differences as well – particularly in the way that we approach life and its social aspects.

We are all raised differently based on our genders. Girls are mostly encouraged to dress up really well, to sympathize with the struggles and feelings of others, to play with makeup and dolls, and to embrace the art of the home life. And on the other side of the aisle, boys are encouraged to learn how to take care of themselves, to be tough and persevering, to be resilient and hardheaded, to play rough whenever necessary.

As parents, a lot of us are going to split our kids up into separate categories. And then once we condition their minds to act a certain way, we blame all the differences on genes and evolution.

Sure, there’s no denying that a bulk of our differences as genders are genetic. But genetics can only do so much when it comes to determining a person’s philosophy, personality, outlook, and principles. However, what we’re really talking about in this article are the “unnatural” aspects of a human being’s personality.

There are many factors that go into determining someone’s overall personality and genetics only plays one part of it – the natural part. We should also be mindful of the value of “nurturing” a person to be or act a certain way. Girls are mostly taught about discipline and self-control whereas boys are typically encouraged to just “be boys.”

You can even make the argument that it’s a lot easier to be a guy in this day and age. It would be hard for you to oppose this idea in all honesty. Physiologically speaking alone, it’s much harder to be a woman. Girls are required to devote a lot more time, attention, and care to their bodies than men do.

This is especially true when you start throwing in the expectations and norms that are set by mainstream society into the mix. A very obvious example is the fact that women feel compelled to wear makeup every day whereas men are not expected to do the same.

On top of that, a lot of women are finding themselves in positions wherein they have to break glass ceilings in order for them to get where they want to in life. They might share a lot of the same dreams and goals as men, but they have to work so much harder to reap the same benefits and accolades. Even though some girls might dream big, a huge bulk of society still expects them to stay home and raise the kids. And it’s downright degrading and unfortunate.

Even the women who are strong enough to ignore the pressures that are being forced on them by society still find themselves in unfair and disadvantageous positions. They still find it difficult to treat it fairly in a world that seems to favor men. It’s a patriarchal society and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Women of all shapes, ages, and sizes are being stepped on constantly in favor of some guy and that’s not fair. It’s been this way for millennia and it’s a struggle that seems to have no end. Women are forced to deal with so much more crap than men do.

However, in the last few decades, we have seen some substantial leaps and strides as far as gender equality is concerned. Because of the many struggles that they have had to face spanning multiple generations, women have been hardened to a degree that makes them so much stronger than a lot of men. Guys aren’t typically used to adversity.

Guys aren’t used to difficulties. Women have been put through the emotional ringer whereas guys have had relatively easy sails by comparison. And it’s because of this that women are typically a lot more mature. Women are a lot more resilient and enduring. Truth be told, a lot of men would crumble when forced to face the same kinds of challenges that women face on a daily basis.

So, that is why it’s probably safe to say that a lot of women handle heartbreak a lot better than men do. Of course, that isn’t to say that heartbreak is easy for girls. It’s always going to be difficult. However, women have faced emotional adversity in the past a lot more frequently. That means they are more equipped to handle the emotional whirlwinds of heartbreak.

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