This Mom Makes more than $13,000 a Month by Selling Breastmilk Videos – Pays off Debt

Today’s story is about Alice Lovegood – a 27-year-old mother-of-three from Devon lived a difficult, debt-filled life with her husband.

A Hardworking Couple, Haunted by Debt

Both Alice and her husband worked to save money and pay off their debt that was upwards of $20,000. Alice worked as a family assessment worker – saving up every bit of her earnings along with her husband to make enough to pay off their debts.

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When Alice was pregnant with her youngest child, she thought of a creative way to pay off that debt.

Turning Her Life Around

Alice Lovegood made an OnlyFans page and started selling videos of herself pumping breastmilk. Surprisingly, she was able to pay off her entire debt instantly.

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She now makes more than $13,000 a month selling videos of herself pumping breastmilk.

Speaking to The Sun, Alice said:

“We were in over £15k of debt, I worked all the time including weekends and we had never been on a family holiday.

“Now I can put my kids into a good school if I choose to and I can spend quality time with them.

“I know some people think posting videos of my breastmilk is disgusting but it’s natural and I don’t care what people say. 

“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I love the confidence it’s given me.”

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According to Alice, many of her followers think her content is wholesome and calming. She says:

“A lot of my followers say my content is actually quite wholesome! My fans sometimes just like the sound of pumping milk or the visual of me wearing a nursing bra.”

Alice also received some strange offers from the digital world. She explains:

“One of my followers offered me £100k to breastmilk him. It was an eye-watering sum but I declined it.”

Alice Lovegood has come a long way from being under extreme pressure of paying off debts to living a comfortable and happy life with her family!


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