TikToker Gains Fame For Sharing His Vasectomy Experience And Instigating Men To Stop Using Birth Control

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, a well-known model and TikTok user who posts vegan recipes took the time to describe what it was like for him to undergo a vasectomy. Keith Laue wanted to reassure his fellow cisgender guys that the treatment was straightforward to arrange, not unpleasant, and simple to recuperate from.

Many people who may benefit from vasectomy are concerned about having any surgery performed in that somewhat peaceful location. Still, because of modern advancements, it is now one of the most straightforward procedures you could undergo. Laue’s procedure only took approximately 15 minutes; he didn’t need to be sedated, and his rehabilitation consisted of three days of ice packs and over-the-counter medicines.

It all began with a phone consultation, which Laue describes as simple. “They addressed my queries and scheduled the appointment for a few weeks in the future. I purchased Valium for my nervousness the day before. I had a local anesthetic when I entered. Although the operation kept me awake the entire time, which was strange, it only took about 10 or 15 minutes, so it wasn’t too unpleasant.

The treatment can be carried out using various methods, including “no scalpel” approaches that seal each vas deferens on at least one side using lasers or other technology. During the outpatient procedure, many patients experience little to no discomfort. Typically, they are only requested to stay at the doctor’s office for an hour for recuperation before being sent home with instructions to rest for several days. 

Laue said, “I didn’t really work out again for almost a week after that.” “I was really good to go after that, and I can do anything at this point, so I’m okay,” the patient said

“The first three days or so, I used a lot of strong ibuprofen and ice and didn’t move too much.”

After a week of rest, most patients say they can resume their regular sexual activity without any pain or other complications. Along with decreasing common concerns regarding vasectomies, Laue also urged others to have one, particularly cisgender males who don’t always uphold their responsibility regarding birth control.

The most typical relationship type frequently falls on women taking medications or having devices surgically placed into their bodies to avoid pregnancy. Contrary to vasectomies, hormonal birth control frequently has adverse effects. With several methods of contraception, Laue’s spouse experienced them to an extreme degree, influencing their choice to get a vasectomy. 

“Other factors included that we already have a daughter and would be happy to foster more children if we were in a position to do so. My boyfriend does not have insurance, but I do. My spouse has a far tougher time getting her tubes tied or an IUD than I do getting a vasectomy. It’s better for my spouse not to worry about women’s healthcare since the Supreme Court has rendered it risky and unreliable.” 

Vasectomies can occasionally, but not always, be undone, so it’s crucial to give the surgery careful thought, consult with specialists, and balance the risks before deciding if it’s the best choice for you.

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  1. Vasectomy IS birth control.
    Have in mind that The longer after the vasectomy, the less likely that it can be reversed. This isn’t something you should do at 18 assuming you can reverse it at 30 when you’re ready to have a kid.

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