Before anything else, it is of utmost importance that you know that you are not a weak human being. You have to know that you are not worthless. You have to know that you aren’t less of a person than any of us just because you have had your heart broken by someone you loved.

You are not an idiot for placing your love in someone who didn’t love you the way that you deserved. You are not weird for giving yourself to the man who didn’t give himself back to you. You are not a laughing stock just because you didn’t get the fairytale ending that you so desperately tried to fight for. No. You are far from that. In fact, you are the complete opposite of all of those things.

You have a very strong and courageous soul. You have shown so much strength just by merely allowing yourself to come to terms with how you really feel at this moment. You have shown such amazing courage in allowing yourself to fall that way for someone in the first place. You have shown great human resiliency by proving that there is a life after a severe heartbreak.

You are so strong for trying to fight a losing battle; for trying to fight for the one thing in this world that is actually worth fighting for: love. You are so brave for showing all of us that it’s okay for you to put yourself in a position of vulnerability for the one you love.

Because even if you get your heart broken in the end, at least you have peace of mind knowing that you really put yourself out there. You can take solace in the fact that you know that you gave that relationship everything that you had. You are so strong for continuing to love a man even though he was practically pushing you away; even though he was already giving you a million reasons to hate and abhor him. He was already doing things that a lot of other girls would have given up on so easily. But you didn’t. You chose to stay and fight for the relationship because you knew that you had to give it everything you got. But in the end, you couldn’t give anything anymore. And you had the courage to walk away – and that requires a great deal of guts and bravery.

You are so strong; but just not in the usual pay that most people would envision strength to look like. You are so strong with the way that you fall in love. You are so strong because you love the way that everyone is supposed to love – wholeheartedly and unconditionally. You don’t hold anything back. You don’t try to be coy about it. You don’t really let yourself be ashamed for loving someone with all of your heart.

And that’s how love should be ALL of the time. Otherwise, it’s not true love at all. You have the kind of strength that many people take years to develop. And that’s the strength to love without restriction. You just let it all hang out there. You wear your heart on your sleeve even though you know that means you put yourself in a position for other people to hurt you. You don’t really care about the vulnerability that comes with love because you know that if done right, love is the most beautiful experience that you are ever going to get to share with another person in this life.

You are so strong because of the way that you just completely undressed your emotions and you let it all out there for the world to see. You are so strong for actually putting the needs of another person above your own even when he didn’t deserve that kind of treatment from you. You are so strong for choosing to love another person more than you actually loved yourself.

But you are also smart for knowing that you only have so much love that you can give and that you were giving it to the wrong person. You are so brave to acknowledge that the situation that you were in wasn’t the right one for you and that you needed to walk away from it. You were so scared of going back into a world that you were unfamiliar with. You were terrified of abandoning everything that you were accustomed to. However, you knew that it was the right thing to do. You were brave enough to take that leap of faith and abandon that failed attempt at love because you knew that you had to take care of yourself.

So, don’t be sad about having a failed attempt at love. What matters is that you gave it your all and that you had the courage to walk away when you found out that it wasn’t right for you. And don’t you dare think that you aren’t worthy of love. It’s going to come… eventually.

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