What Does it Mean if He Hasn’t Texted You After You Slept Together?

he stopped texting me after we slept together

“He stopped texting me after we slept together.”

Uh-oh. This could be trouble.

What happened? What does it all mean? Have you just been used and abused? Were you merely discarded after he got a little taste? Was that all that he was after? These may be just some of the questions that are rummaging through your mind if you’ve had a guy not text you after sleeping with you. Of course, it’s a big deal. You’re not overreacting. Intimacy is a very significant thing for you. It’s not casual. But does he feel the same way? What does it mean that he hasn’t gotten in touch with you since then?

Don’t worry. You’re not the only girl who has been put in this kind of situation. And you certainly won’t be the last one either. Regardless, it doesn’t make you feel good to know that a man you’ve slept with hasn’t texted you back. You might be growing anxious as you try to figure out what might be running through his mind. Whatever the case, there is a lot to unpack here. And you don’t have to do everything on your own.

Why Hasn’t He Texted Back?

First of all, the first thing that you have to remind yourself of is that this might not necessarily have anything to do with you. Keep in mind that if you just have a casual relationship with this man, he might have other things to concern himself with. He may be busy with work. There’s a chance that he’s dealing with personal issues. Whatever it may be, there’s a chance that he’s not texting you back because of some stuff taking place in his own life.

However, there is also the chance that it might have something to do with you, after all. Perhaps, and this is common for a lot of guys, the reason he hasn’t texted you yet is that he doesn’t understand how he feels. He may have feelings for you, but he doesn’t quite comprehend them fully. So, he doesn’t want to be texting you without first understanding the emotions that are eating away at his insides. You have to understand that it might take some guys a while before they can come to terms with how they feel.

What are You Supposed to Do?

Well, there are a few things you can do. The first option is for you just to sit and wait. Sometimes, patience is critical. Wait for him to deal with whatever it is he might be dealing with. When he’s ready, he will get back to you.

Another option is just to text him first yourself. There is absolutely no law in the world of dating that prohibits you from being the one to send him the first text. Heck, he might even just be waiting for you to make the first move. In any case, just make sure that you don’t let it affect you too much on an emotional level.

11 Reasons Men Don’t Text Back:

There’s no denying that technology has practically shaped the way people go about relationships and social interaction these days. With the dawn of technological innovation, it’s virtually possible for any two people on opposite sides of the globe to instantly communicate with each other.

The phenomenon of texting, in particular, has enabled us to get in touch with anyone we want to, and there’s no denying its role in helping shape relationships and bonds between people. Texting has also played a very vital role in courtship these days, and this can either be a good or bad thing.

Ladies, you know the struggles of not having your man text you back, right? It’s a common occurrence when men take a million years to reply to your message with a 4-word sentence and an emoji. It’s not rocket science, so why does it always take them so long? Here are 11 reasons why men don’t text back.

1. Jared

I don’t reply to a girl’s text message simply because I’m not in the mood to talk at the moment. I know that the moment I respond to a text message, there are billions of follow-up texts and it can be draining to reply to all of them. Sometimes, I’m just busy or really not in the mood to engage in a conversation with anyone. So I just avoid replying whenever I’m feeling particularly anti-social. Besides, a lot of women don’t reply to text messages either and I’m sure it’s for the same reasons.

2. Chandler

Sometimes, a man is afraid to say what he really feels at a particular moment. So he avoids being put in awkward situations by just refusing to participate in a texting conversation with someone. A man knows when he can be hurtful with his words, so he’s just going to bite his tongue a lot of the time instead of having to deal with the backlash of hurting someone.

3. Manny

The biggest reason I don’t reply to women is that I really don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. If I’ve been out on a date with a girl, and I didn’t enjoy it, I’ve practically lost all interest in her. Responding to her texts would just be prolonged agony of me not wanting to let her down.

4. Adrian

I like to play video games a lot, and I know that the moment I respond to a single text message, I’m going to have to end up pausing my game multiple times just to keep the conversation going. I like to play video games to clear my mind and destress. Sometimes, I’ll just put my phone on silent mode and check it once I’m done playing.

5. James

Men don’t like to participate in texting in general because they know that women take these texts too seriously. They treat these messages like classic novels wherein each line has to be analyzed and theoretically reflected upon. Nope. A man’s mind isn’t as complex as that of a serious novelist.

6. Anton

I always reply when it comes to girls who text me especially if I’m interested in them. But even when I’m not interested in them, I always like to reply out of courtesy. In my experience, it’s the women who always take ages to reply to my messages and it can get really.


7. Harvey

I hate the feeling of being owned’ by someone. She always messages me whenever I’m out because she wants me to check in. It’s like I’m her child and she wants me to be home by midnight. I hate that. I should always get to have ownership of my own time, and if I want to let her know where I am at any moment, I’ll text her myself.

8. Emilio

Men know that a lot of messages can get misunderstood in the world of virtual communication. There are no tonal or visual factors that go into play with texting, and so sometimes, innocent messages can come off as wrong or insulting. That’s why I always prefer face-to-face communication over texting. Call me but it’s the truth.

9. Ken

There is only one kind of text message that I never reply to: the confrontational one. Whenever I sense that a woman is looking to with me over text message, then I’m certainly not going to take the bait. When I see that a text message is just a setup for a fight, I walk away and save the hassles for later.

10. Andrew

I usually purposely don’t text girls back so they know how it feels to chase after a guy. In the end, I think it’s also important for them to put some effort in trying to win our affections. I can’t be easy. I have to play hard-to-get every once in a while so I know that her intentions are real.

11. Thomas

I always text back whenever I can! The only reason I wouldn’t be able to text a girl back is when I’m busy or I’m currently engaged in something else that requires my full attention. Otherwise, I really have no problems with replying to text messages from women.

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  1. I was with someone last year…left before the morning. Went home slept, woke up to many text messages wanting to know if I used him….all because I didn’t respond to a text message at 5 am. Geeze it was a Sunday I slept in. By the time I texted him back he was looney tunes believing something that wasn’t true.

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