What Does it Mean When a Guy Says He Wants to Cuddle You?

when a guy says he wants to cuddle you

Cuddling is a fantastic act of love and joy. It’s healthy, and it spreads happiness in the purest of forms. When you’re in love with someone, and you cuddle with them, it releases Oxytocin, which makes you happy. It slows down the releases of Cortisol, which is the hormone that stresses you out. This little act of love leads to a better heart condition and a more stable blood pressure that stays with you. When a guy says he wants to cuddle you, it means he loves you and wants to spend time wrapped in your arms – in your warm embrace.

He is more interested in being with you than being physical with you. He wants to cuddle, not go anywhere beyond. He wants to tell you how he feels about you, that he cares about things that matter – like cuddling. He is interested in being with you, and he wants you to know. He is confident, and he knows it. When a man is in love with you and wants to cuddle with you, you should appreciate his feelings towards you.

What does it mean when your partner wants to cuddle you?

When your partner wants to cuddle you, don’t ignore that signal. When we are in a relationship, we need to be there for our partners. We should always be available to lend a comforting shoulder or a calming and protective embrace where they can be themselves without a worry in the world. And when your partner asks you to cuddle, you should oblige without a second thought. You should be glad to have a partner who loves to cuddle because that is someone who knows what’s more important in life, and they know what lasts.

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