What Does it Mean When a Taurus Man Ignores You?

when a Taurus man ignores you

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac – the bull. It’s an Earth sign, stays grounded and steady. A Taurus man is ambitious, hard-working, creatively crafty, intelligent, and dominating. When a Taurus man ignores you, he will always have proper reasoning behind it. And when the time comes when he opens up about it, he’ll explain exactly why he did what. It’s one of his traits; he will be open about how he’s feeling inside. Here are a few common reasons.

Five reasons why a Taurus man is ignoring you.

1. He’s at work.

when a taurus man ignores you

One thing a Taurus man won’t tolerate is cutting work to spend it with family or friends. He’s not going to indulge in texts or calls while he’s at work, he’s going to be very serious about it since day one. He’s an ambitious man who needs to keep moving up in the world, and he’s not going to slow down. So if he’s ignoring you because of work, let him work and talk to him when he’s back.

2. He’s not sure about you.

when a taurus man ignores you

When a Taurus man is unsure about something, he’s not going to talk about it until he figures out a proper solution for the situation. He is a very well-planned person, and he’ll take his time and due process to come up with a way to fix himself on his own. If he’s not sure about you two being together, he will most probably ignore you until he becomes sure about whether to take it forward with you or tell you it won’t work out.

3. He’s creating new ideas.

when a taurus man ignores you

Taurians are amazing strategists. When they’re in their thinking process, they’re going to give very little attention to everyone else. They are problem solvers; they strategize ways to win battles and business meetings. That’s how their minds operate. Taurians also make for right Sapiosexual partners because of their sheer intellect and will.

4. He’s not ready.

when a taurus man ignores you

When a Taurus man isn’t ready, he’s not going to talk about it until he is. He’s a perfectionist; he will wait as long as it takes. He is going to get back to you when he’s ready in his mind. To deal with this, you can approach him with a simple conversation about how your time is as important as his. Because he will respect your time.

5. He’s emotionally unavailable.

when a taurus man ignores you

It could also be a genuine possibility that he had gone through a recent breakup. Something that devastated his feelings and hopes. He’s going through his process of dealing with this, and he’ll mostly ignore others while he’s getting better in life. He will, one day, come back to being his healthy and fantastic self. But until then, it’ll be a little hard to approach him. But, if you’re kind enough, he is bound to reciprocate with kindness – a Taurus man will never ignore a kind gesture.

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  1. I am a Pisces woman dating a male Taurus and we fight all the time, but are make in love with each other, is our relationship going to last?

  2. I am cancer woman dating a tarus guy we have good understanding but he said he is not looking for serious relationship because his family won’t agree for marriage.how can I make him change his mind .I really think he could be the one.

  3. I am a Gemini dating a Taurus and it’s Downs more than ups. But we are Good with being Partners on business but the relationship there is no understanding

  4. My Taurus crush used to like my comments and reply them back earlier but these days he’s not replying me back and only liking my comments and leaving it .. please help

  5. I am a Cancer woman. I know this Taurus guy through a dating app. Last year we started talking around March and he was very eager to come to India to see me but in May he abruptly asked me to not contact him as he thinks we are not compatible. When I asked what he meant by that he didn’t reply. I waited and this year I started chatting with him again around March and now just yesterday without any reason he stopped talking saying he should not waste his time. He every time judges me wrong, last time he called me manipulative now this time around there’s confused. How do I get him to convince him to come down to India and at least meet me so that he know the real me… please advice.

  6. I’m a pisces woman and “my man” does nothing but thinking about how he can get to my money. I don’t have much.
    His main priority is cheating. He has 3 he keeps going back to (including me) and he says the same things ro all 3 of us.
    He worked as a real estate agent at the time I moved to Turkey and he stole all the money money I had worked all my life for.
    I never got the apartment I was buying and he took all my money (€88000)
    Now I am stuck here in Turkey and I can’t afford going back to Norway ? He promised to pay me back for 4 years now and I don’t want anything to do with him!

  7. I am a virgo woman. I met a taurus man 4 years ago and we messaged all the time. Really into each other. He lived in nz and me in oz. As he moved after his breakup which was when we met. He went back to his ex and so did i. We eventually spoke again but every time i was back with my ex we didnt. Then he moved to oz and my relationship had just broken down for the last time. I was a mess and i think i said somethings that upset him. He blocked me and now i cant speak to him at all. We have something special. Right now im focusing on me but is it right to still care for him? Will he get over it and talk to me again.

  8. So I’ve been seeing a Taurus man for about a month. We actually have know each other for several years and are great friends, and everything was going perfect we were talking things very slow and I am great with that pace .. then he just went dark it’s been 5 days ..I sent him a text telling him I didn’t know what was going on but I was going to give him some space and I was here for him if he needed and that I missed him. Im hopeing this was the right thing to say but Im not sure I had text him good morning a few times but I haven’t blown his phone up at all.I am a Capricorn.

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