“I Appreciate You” – Meaning and Explanation

Today, I’m going to talk about what it means when you’re loved and adored by someone. It’s not ambiguous, it doesn’t have any double-meaning attached, it’s pure emotion.

Isn’t it a nice feeling to be loved by someone? It’s so pure and selfless when someone cherishes you and everything you represent. These are words of pure joy and contentment.

Questions by you guys (and gals):

1. What does it mean when she says, “I appreciate you”?

girlfriend appreciates

When she tells you that she cherishes you, you can bet she’s a woman who understands the effort you put into the relationship.

What does it means when my wife says, “I appreciate you”?

wife appreciates you

You always have to be loving towards a woman who isn’t out to manipulate you and capitalize on whatever you might have to offer.

She is genuinely grateful for everything that you do. She doesn’t feel entitled to be treated the way that you treat her.

Once you find this woman, you should learn to adore her. She is a rarity. A woman like her is a real gem. A woman who knows how to be appreciative is someone who would be willing to reciprocate that effort.

2. What does it mean when he says, “I appreciate you”?


man appreciates you

When a man says it, he wants you to know you’re an important human being for him. He respects the way you do things.

What does it means when my husband says, “I appreciate you”?

i appreciate you husband

He happily accepts you in his life, with open arms. He will always be there to support you.

3. Does “I appreciate you” mean “I love you”?

appreciate or love

Short answer, no.

Long answer – it doesn’t necessarily have to be love when it comes to appreciation. When you adore something about someone, it’s your basic human instinct telling you to do so.

It’s how we, as humans, grow. When someone hears a few words of kindness, they get this sudden burst of energy to take along their journey.

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