What To Do If Your Partner Spends All Your Money You Want To Save?

What to do if your partner spends all your money you want to save? Finance management is exceptionally vital for couples. You just moved in with your partner, things have started to grow and groom, your new “shared life” is shaping up pretty well, and suddenly, you two start having problems regarding your spendings and money management in general. Two different individuals will have very different financial plans and strategies. So it’s highly recommended that you have a frank and open discussion with your partner about your expense management like the way you two manage your monthly groceries etc.

Don’t waste money. I keep telling people, don’t. No matter how much you have, don’t lose it. Don’t buy items you won’t need after one use, don’t buy luxury vehicles to go from point A to point B, don’t buy luxurious watches worth millions – to look at the time. Be smart about your spendings and think of your partner before you make a purchase. Your partner shares their life with you; you share finances, you two ALWAYS need to be as open and as honest about your buying habits as you can. I can’t stress this enough; couples who don’t take care of each other’s finances don’t end up staying together in the long-run.

What to do if your partner fights about money?

During therapy, I always tell my clients to be transparent and open about money. Money is an instrument, use it as such. When people start fighting over that instrument, things go from bad to very ugly. I’ve seen families tear apart because of money, I’ve seen countless divorces because of financial issues. I would love to be someone who says money isn’t essential, but I’m not that person, and money is necessary. Money gives you the ability to provide for yourself, to eat, to drink, to have a roof over your head. The problems start happening when money starts becoming more important than it is.

Arguments about money are some of the quickest ones to start and the hardest ones to end, so make sure you keep your relationship as far away from them as possible.


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