What to get your girlfriend when she’s on her period?

If you ever thought about what to get your girlfriend when she’s on her period then get her something I like to call “The Care Basket.” It’s a small basket of her favorite chocolates, a few small flowers, and a book that she’s been wanting to read for a while. When a woman is on her period, she experiences constant abdominal cramps that are sometimes so sharp that it’s hard for them to sit up straight. So it’s safe to say they’re already in a lot of pain, and a small gesture to alleviate that pain would always be much appreciated.

Whenever my wife is on her period, I give her a cup of coffee and let her watch her TV shows. It’s different for everyone, of course. Just try making those first three days of menstruation as comfortable and as easy for them as possible. And when those hormones start raging, it dramatically affects the mood and the appetite. So you can expect your girlfriend to have sudden outbursts of anger towards you, but don’t worry, she doesn’t mean it.

the care basket

Your small gestures of love and kindness will always make her smile. You can make her feel happier just by being with her, watching some Netflix while cuddling in the sheets. It’s those precious little moments that make the hard times bearable. As a partner, you need to be extra present during the difficult times of her life. She’s a strong woman, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need love and affection.

When your girlfriend is on her period, she doesn’t need any special attention; she needs you to know it’s not comfortable, but it’s okay. And the most you can do is try making it suitable for her by getting her something she’s been wanting for a long time. It’s different for everyone, but everyone needs love and affection, no matter how diverse.

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  1. I often meet women on some social media site. A relationship always begins and ends the same way. We get along great until I get the “Honey can you do me a favor” soon followed a need for money. Need gasoline or rent or groceries or name it, but always something a mature woman should either have or be able to buy for herself. My polite No can’t do that. Usually ends it there.

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