What Your Boyfriend Is Like In The Bedroom – According To His Zodiac Sign

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1. Aries (March 21 April 19)

An Aries is going to be very straightforward and aggressive when it comes to getting you in bed. They will not want to play around and they’re not looking to take part in any games. They will be very eager to have some fun with you and they won’t be hiding how they feel in any capacity. They will tell you that they want you and they will go straight to the point.

2. Taurus (April 20 May 21)

Frankly speaking, the Taurus is going to want to be sensual as much as possible. They will want to get it on every single time. Typically speaking, they aren’t very good at hiding their sexual desires and that’s why they have a reputation for being very dirty and sleazy. But there’s no denying just how well he performs in the bedroom. In the bedroom, you will really find out why he’s called the bull.

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3. Gemini (May 22 June 21)

The Gemini man is essentially going to turn into an awkward little teen in bed. It’s not going to be pressure-packed. They are always going to keep it light and relatively innocent. They aren’t always going to do things right, but that doesn’t mean that its going to be a bad experience. It’s going to be interesting, at the very least.

4. Cancer (June 22 July 22)

The master of foreplay. That’s the Cancer man for you. And you can even expect them to really spend some extra time just playing around with you if you’re gifted in the bust area. They are really fond of girls with nice breasts and they will fondle those things like they’re the most precious things on earth.

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5. Leo (July 23 August 22)

You can bet the Leo man to do his best to win you over and make you severely passionate about him. They are the type of man who would willingly take you out to dinner and bring you flowers just to get you in the mood. They really buy into the whole wine and dine philosophy. They aren’t afraid of putting in the effort to make it a memorable experience for you.

6. Virgo (August 23 September 22)

A lot of people typically assume that the Virgo men are the inexperienced members of the Zodiac. It’s true; the Zodiac isn’t going to be known to be mind-blowing in bed. They aren’t going to have an outrageous set of moves. But what you can count on them for is pleasure. They will always find a way to use the basics to their advantage.

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7. Libra (September 23 October 22)

The Libras are really known as the men who put the love in making love. They are really good at making you feel the passion and heat of the situation. They are very intimate and they would always give off a very receptive and welcoming kind of vibe. They are true romantics and they would never make you feel like some mere object of pleasure in the bedroom.

8. Scorpio (October 23 November 22)

The thing that you really have to know about a Scorpio is that they are really good at just stripping you down until you feel completely naked both physically and emotionally. They have a way of trying to make you feel very exposed and vulnerable. They are very aggressive and they will definitely wear you down with their aggressive behavior. And also, they will do whatever they can to make you satisfied.

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9. Sagittarius (November 23 December 21)

It’s all about the experience of an adventure with a Sagittarius. They are very spontaneous and thy never shy away from trying anything new. They would always be willing to try anything once and that can make for quite a sexual experience.

10. Capricorn (December 22 January 20)

The Capricorn is perhaps the only Zodiac sign that is really able to match the sexual energy of the Scorpio man. But the difference is that the Capricorn man is going to take a more methodical and subtle approach to wearing you out. They understand the nuances of sexual pleasure and they will really use their vast knowledge to their advantage.

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11. Aquarius (January 21 February 18)

If you’re the type of girl who is looking for romantic stimulation from your man, then you shouldn’t be with an Aquarius. They are like robots in the bedroom. They aren’t very big on emotions, but wow, they are great performers. Again, they move like robots. They don’t stop.

12. Pisces (February 19 March 20)

A sexual experience with a Pisces is always going to be very smooth, easygoing, and natural. They just have a way of making you feel comfortable in the bedroom. The Pisces men are old souls. They take things very slow because they understand the value of really savoring every moment. They are methodical and they never like to rush though the process.

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