Woman Dubbed with ‘World’s Largest Cheeks’ Responds to Criticism Over Her New Look

Anastasiia Pokreshchuk from Ukraine is a 36-year-old woman obsessed with cheek fillers and other beauty enhancement treatments.

The Ukrainian influencer is known for her extensive cosmetic surgeries and shows no intention of halting them anytime soon. Anastasia, with a following of over 562k on Instagram, frequently shares updates about her beauty enhancements.

She has become notorious for her distinctive appearance: large lips and cheeks, a square jawline, and a pointed chin. Her cheeks, in particular, have been noted as among the largest in the world.

The ex-perfume shop assistant began her journey of cosmetic surgery for her own satisfaction rather than anyone else’s. She underwent procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift and a 1050cc breast implant.

However, her openness about her cosmetic transformations has attracted negative comments from trolls on her profile.

“Doctors who performed should be in prison,” someone commented on one of her recent pictures.

 “How can she believe this is attractive?” asked another.

While expressing confidence in her appearance and stating that she feels attractive, Pokreshchuk has also addressed the online hate she’s received following her dramatic facial transformations.

Documenting her journey on Instagram, she appears to have reached her limit with the negativity and responded to a comment suggesting that “nobody would find her attractive.”

She swiftly responded to the comment with an insightful comeback, stating, “I don’t understand this kind of thinking at all. I don’t understand how I can think about my appearance based on what others say. I don’t care what others say because this is my face, and I have to like it, not you. This is my face and my life.”

She continued her response by emphasizing that the most crucial aspect is her own happiness, adding, “You will not live my life for me, okay?”

The model disclosed that she began investing in procedures at the age of 26 and has spent ‘thousands upon thousands’ on altering her appearance. During an interview on This Morning two years ago, she engaged in a debate with a plastic surgeon regarding whether she had taken her transformations too far.

When questioned about her satisfaction with her appearance, she replied, “Yes, I’m very happy. I look at my pictures from years ago, and I think that I’m ugly. I didn’t like how I looked, but you can change it, no problem. I didn’t like my face, I looked like a hamster.”

Dr. Harris also contributed to the discussion, expressing concern about the “danger” associated with contemporary beauty standards.

“I’m talking about distortion and over-treatment. In my opinion, she looks to be over-treated,” he said. “Looking at her professionally, I would say she looks distorted. It becomes too much when the look becomes exaggerated, we need to consider the risks.”

When questioned if a doctor had advised her to cease her procedures, Anastasiia responded, “No, the people who do my work, they know me well. They know I’m a normal person. They know I’m not crazy or stupid.”

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