Woman Files for Divorce After Husband Gave Away Her Cat to Animal Shelter Without Her Permission

A furious woman has filed for a divorce from her husband, who gave her beloved pet cat to an animal shelter without asking her.

Taking her frustration to Reddit, an anonymous woman from the US described why the cat was so important to her and asked fellow Redditors if she had overreacted in the situation.

The woman explained that after her dad’s passing, there was a ‘hole’ in her life, and she was so depressed that nothing could make her feel better. But then she adopted this cat named Benji, whom she rescued, and developed a strong yet strange bond with him.

“After my dad passed, I was feeling very down, like I had a hole that I couldn’t fill. I was finding it hard to keep myself busy around the house during the day so I decided to adopt my cat Benji. I rescued him when he was so small he fit in the palm of my hand and have had him for 2 years.”

“This may sound crazy to some, but I really believe Benji is the reincarnation of my dad. When I look into his eyes, I feel something more than a cat. Like a cat born with a human soul. All the timing adds up, it all makes sense to me at least. Even if I am crazy the thought brings me comfort and I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she said.

The woman said her husband used to freak out over her bond with Benji and said she was crazy to think he had her dad’s soul.

“It’s been two years since he died, Benji really saved me. He’s the best companion I could’ve asked for. I mean, there’s nothing better than being able to cuddle up with an animal that loves you at the end of a long day. Though hubby would disagree.”

The woman revealed that when she went on a girls’ trip with her sisters and mom for her birthday, her husband decided to give Benji to an animal shelter home without behind her back and didn’t even ask her before doing so as he knew she would refuse.

“I had no idea what was going on while I was out. When I came home and couldn’t find the cat my first thought was that he must have somehow made his way outside. This already worried me because we never let him out, God knows what could happen to him out there! After my frantic search inside and on my way outside to keep searching, hubby informs me that Benji is “staying with a friend” WHAT!! So I demanded that he called to take him back ASAP! He wouldn’t, but thankfully he had told me who he gave my cat too, so I had to make some calls of my own,” she wrote.

The woman then called her husband’s coworker to whom he gave the cat and asked him to return her pet, but he refused. According to the coworker, her husband gave him the cat ‘fair and square’, and he cannot return it now.

However, after the woman reached out to the coworker’s wife, she was informed that Benji was not with him, and instead, her husband had left him at an animal shelter. The furious woman then contacted the shelter home, showed them her adoption documents, and told them she was the rightful owner of Benji and would go to any lengths to get him back.

“I immediately tracked the shelter down to retrieve my boy, I had all my documents needed to prove he is mine, and he has a microchip. I took him straight to my sister’s house, where I will also be staying for the time being. My sister had been through divorce and has remarried, so she will help me get all my ducks in a row and prepare to file for divorce.”

“I am heartbroken, but also incredibly thankful that my poor boy is now home safe! He was clearly stressed and confused but he is settling in quite well at my sisters. My brother will be picking up any necessities from my house for me, I haven’t been home or seen my husband since I left for the shelter. My family has supported me in my decisions, and they are all willing to do whatever it takes to help me when I may need them,” she concluded.

Reacting to her post, Redditors in the comment section sided with the woman and said she did the right thing by ending her marriage, as her husband had no right to take her cat away from her without her permission.

“The reincarnation bit is irrelevant, He did an inexcusable act. Some people suck,” one wrote.

“So the husband was basically jealous of a cat […] What a d****d. I’m glad she’s divorcing him, he’s way more unhinged than he thinks she is,” a second wrote.

“Surely the husband knew that getting rid of the cat = ending the marriage. And lie about giving it to the coworker? Both husband and coworker are pieces of shit,” a third added.

 “It’s always surprising to me that people will do s**t like this and never once think, “hmm this might end my relationship,’” said another.

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Source: Reddit

  1. He’s lucky, she didn’t do more than divorce him.
    What a pathetic, narcissistic man to be so jealous of a cat, he would lie, betray and hurt her so terribly.
    Luckily, they don’t have children.
    He would really come unglued, with her diverted attention.

    This is not a duplicate comment! I have never seen this story before.

  2. She did the right thing. I had a cat I had a unusual connection with and if anyone ever gave him away I would be furious!

  3. Seems like this girl is still in a trauma after her father’s departure. Perhaps her husband wanted to bring her back to normal life which she given the last nail on the coffin and choose to remain with her imaginary satisfaction.May be she is not fit to continue a relationship lat alone raise a family further. I think she needs helps from the professionals & righteous support from the family to come out from this shock to enable her to continue a healthy relationship again.

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