Woman’s Family Removes Her From The Will Because She Doesn’t Want to Have Kids

Lucky are those among us who have loving and caring families. Life operates in strange ways. Sometimes, the same people who raise us are the ones behind our trauma & stress. The same is the case for the story we’re about to discuss.


This story comes from a Reddit user doesnotcontributes; posted on the AITA (Am I The A** Hole?) subreddit – a place where people post their story and ask others if they’re right or wrong in a given situation.

Her story revolves around the pressure her family gave her for not having kids after marriage. She is happily married and doesn’t want to have kids, and that’s entirely the couple’s decision – we don’t think your family should have any say in this. But alas, life and its strange ways.

The Story

Ironically, her house is always the spot for family gatherings and events due to its large size and extra rooms for everyone. At Thanksgiving, something genuinely odd & traumatizing happened after dinner – her family removed her from the will because she didn’t agree to have kids yet. Here is the post:

It’s deplorable and heartbreaking when your own family disowns you, regardless of the reason. Having children is a big decision for every couple, and no one can tell them how to go about it. Every individual is different, and all couples grow on different levels. We at Relationship Rules think that it’s not fair to compare and compete. 

This Reddit user shares a beautiful life with her husband; isn’t that enough? We think it is! And so does the rest of the community; here are some of the replies to the original post (NTA means “Not The A** Hole”):

Parents should love and accept the growth of their children rather than traumatize them. Let them grow at their own pace, without any pressure or comparisons. Don’t be the reason your kids hate you when they grow up, be the reason for their smile & confidence.

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The original post was taken down due to the nature of this story being about revenge – which isn’t allowed on the AITA subreddit. The comments from the post can still be found here.

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