Your Spouse Might Be Having An Affair – 7 Bad Signs

To keep things perfectly frank, it’s not all that uncommon for people to get into affairs even after they have been married. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just men who get into extramarital affairs. There are plenty of women who have affairs with men even if they’re married as well. However, despite the growing number of marriages with infidelity in the world, many of us still have trouble discerning whether our partners are in affairs or not.

There are some very clear signs that your partner might be having an affair with another person. And unless you are actually aware of these signs and you make an effort to seek them out, then you are practically clueless to the entire situation. But don’t fret. This article is going to help you out with that. You never want to end up being made a fool out of by the one you love most in the world. If there is any funny business going on, you always want to make yourself aware of it right away.

However, before we can delve on the signs that a person might be getting into an affair, it’s also important for you to understand why people get into affairs in the first place. And with that knowledge, hopefully, you would be in a better position to protect yourself from such betrayal in your relationships.

If you get that sinking feeling deep down inside of you that your spouse is actually having an affair, then you might want to take a look out for the signs first. You might want to understand the reasons that motivate such a heinous act on the part of your spouse. And you also need to understand the varying levels of infidelity and unfaithfulness in a relationship as well.

Is it because of you that your spouse has decided to become unfaithful in the marriage? Are their motivations completely driven by external factors? Is your spouse actually just bored and seeking some random episodes of excitement? Are the issues much deeper than that? Why is it that your partner has just suddenly become indifferent towards you? Where has the love in your relationship gone off to?

A lot of the time, it starts when people slowly drift apart in a marriage. It often starts when certain expectations are no longer being fulfilled and certain needs are no longer being met. It might start off with the little things. But over time, these things build up and they can completely overload a relationship to the brink of collapse. You should never undermine the subtle drifts that take place in your relationship because these could open up small windows for your partner to become unfaithful.

Bad Days


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In the age of technology, it’s just so easy for people to get into extramarital affairs. It’s so easy to cheat on a spouse without even having to leave the house anymore. And depending on your spouse’s ability to lie and deceive you, you might be completely clueless about the entire situation.

If you happen to be married already at this point, then it’s likely that you would be able to relate to this post. But if you still aren’t married, then don’t fret. This post is filled with a bunch of lessons that you will want to bring along with you into your marriage. You always want to be equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge to dispel the likelihood of extramarital affairs in your marriage.

So, without much further ado, here are the 7 signs that your partner is actually engaged in an affair:

1. Your instincts are telling you that something is off. You always need to learn to trust your gut and your intuition.
2. Your spouse has been spending more time and money on other things that you aren’t really aware of.
3. You have noticed a very substantial change in behavior with the way that your spouse is when they are around you.
4. Your spouse has taken a very deep and intense interest in their personal appearance all of a sudden.
5. You have undergone a very dramatic shift in your sex life as a married couple.
6. Your partner has gone out of their way to be alone in a room with you so as to prevent awkward conversations.
7. Your spouse has exhibited some very angry or irritable behavior that is mostly targeted towards you.

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