15 Signs He is planning To Make You the Future Wife

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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After staying together for a long time you start wondering if he is planning to propose you for marriage. All sorts of questions start popping up in your head and you can’t help but wonder if he is going to do it. Don’t worry—the worrying is normal and in fact healthy and you deserve to expect a lifelong commitment. You will, of course, not ask him out in the open if he is thinking what you are thinking because things can get awkward then.

There is a way you can tell if marriage is on his mind or not, if he thinks you are his future wife or not: by taking hints from his actions.

Now these hints will only give hints but pretty strong ones. See if your boyfriend has been doing these 15 things lately and decide if there is a chance of a marriage proposal anytime soon.

1. He’s Saving Up Money:

Some time ago, he was a reckless spender. He did not care about where his money went and was almost always the first one to propose buying something you two did not need. Now he will try to control his hand on cash and will probably not buy all those expensive good-for-nothing souvenirs because money is important to him all of a sudden. There can be many reasons behind this change of habit, one of which can be this: he is trying to save up for the marriage he has planned. He secretly stashes up money telling you it’s for a rainy day.

2. He Says ‘We’ a Lot:

His speech can tell you a lot about what goes on in his mind. For example, when he talks about something that should, generally, only include him, he decides to include you too. Whether it is going on an adventure and talking about his future house, you will see him using ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. In his mind, every important thing is done with you on his side and he never, naturally, forgets to include you as if you are always there on his mind and he can never make the mistake of imagining life without you. This can be pretty easy to notice.

3. All His Friends Are Married:

One good thing you can do to figure out if he is planning to make you his future wife or not is to analyze his group of friends. If they are all getting married one by one and are happy about it, chances are that your man is planning to join the married men cub soon. Friends are a big influence in everyone’s life and even if you plan different things for yourself, your friends’ stories can make you change your mind and follow their lead. If he appreciates the happily married lives of his friends and you find yourself having double dinner dates with his married buddies, this is it. - Continue reading on the next page