I Stopped Chasing You but My Love Did Not Die

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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The Race

We end our races when we are told there is no destination, no final point. We stop running that race because we know there are other races with proper end points, races that would take us somewhere, put our anxieties and expectations at rest.

In life and in love, keeping up with our relationships works the same way. Being with people comes with a bunch of subconscious wishes that, at first, do not seem so significant but as time passes and we confront ourselves about those wishes, getting an answer becomes necessary.

Life has to have a proper ending; the people we spend our times with have to be significant and the race has to have an ending because without an ending, that race is nothing but an act of foolishness and ignorance.

When, in a relationship, we see no future and the whole things feels like a race without an end point, we pull out. We set off the track because it did not take us anywhere and life is all about going somewhere. There are millions of moods, paths and opportunities lying in the open for us and a thousand other race tracks open so why stick to an inertial relationship where there is either only rest or nothing but uniformity?

To stop running after someone does not mean stop loving them. Love does not work that way; if you do not get from it what you wanted, love does not pull you out of itself. You experience fury and misery but all in the presence of love; love stays.

It stays even when there is nothing else to feel, when you have decided to detach yourself from everything related to a person you dearly loved, to not be angry or sad or anything that shows concern, love stays. It stays deep down in a corner where you try to bury it again and again; it stays there and taps on the windows of your heart to never let you forget its presence completely. Love is a clingy thing. - Continue reading on the next page