10 Common Relationship Rules That You Are Allowed To Break

A lot of us tend to obsess over the rules that govern relationships that we end up forgetting that we are the ones who make the rules ourselves. Of course, there are certain best practices that we can utilize for our own relationships – but ultimately, we are the ones who get to define the personalities and characters that compose our love affairs. There is no ultimate guidebook into making relationships work. We’re just going to have to be content with figuring things out as we go. And that isn’t always so scary. In fact, it should be liberating.

Love shouldn’t have to be governed by rules after all. True love transcends rules and guidelines. True love is always natural and organic – it’s something that two people to almost seamlessly. So if you find that your relationship is being suffocated by so many rules, then do away with them. Do what feels right for the both of you. Go with what works. You don’t have to become slaves to your own relationships. That is never the right way to go about love in the first place. Here are 10 common relationship rules that you are allowed to break.

1. You must always be feeding your partner with compliments.

You don’t always have to be beefing up your partner’s ego with compliments just to let them know how much you adore them or how much they mean to you. Sometimes, the best compliments are done through physical actions and gestures that your partner can actually feel.

2. You are never allowed to disagree with your partner.

You should still reserve the right to disagree with your partner. Just because you’re in a loving relationship doesn’t mean that you have to see eye to eye on everything. You should both still be allowed to have independent views that oppose one another.

3. You need to always put your partner above everything else in life.

You DON’T always need to be putting your relationship above everything else in this world. You are a responsible adult who has other responsibilities that you need to be catering to. And if you’re married with kids, you might even find yourself putting your kids above your relationship a lot.

4. Apologize even when you don’t think you’re wrong.

You should never have to feel compelled to apologize when you know that you’re in the right. If you do so, you aren’t necessarily just lowering your pride. You are spoiling your partner. You are letting them get away with being wrong. And it’s much better to be honest than polite in these kinds of scenarios.

5. Always be looking towards the future.

Sometimes, so many couples can get lost in their visions of the future that they end up depriving themselves of the beauty and wonder of living in the moment. Don’t let that happen to you. Always make sure that you are staying in the moment and don’t take anything in your relationship for granted.

6. You have to always make it a point to spend all your time together.

You have to learn how to divide your time appropriately. Life is a matter of balancing various responsibilities. You can’t be spending all of your time on your relationship at the expense of other aspects of your life.

7. The amount of money you spend on a gift corresponds to how much you love your partner.

Money is important in relationships. However, it’s not everything. A lot of times, the most meaningful gifts and gestures are the ones that require the least bit of money. It’s all about the effort and thought that you put into your gifts that give them value. Sometimes, monetary values have nothing to do with it.

8. Nothing in your life is off-limits to your partner anymore.

Of course, you should still have your boundaries in your relationship with your partner. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean that you are actively merging your lives completely. You should both still maintain a sense of individuality; and with that individuality comes certain rules that you are both bound by.

You have to respect one another by honoring these rules and boundaries. You don’t get to invade your partner’s cellphone just because you think that you’re entitled to do so.

9. You need to have an active sex life to maintain your love.

At the end of the day, sex has very little to do with it. While sex can be important for some couples, it isn’t necessarily so important for others. It’s a case-by-case basis that you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to. If you and your partner don’t put too much emphasis on your sex lives; and you’re actually okay with it, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

10. Never pay attention to the people outside of your relationship.

Sometimes, you really do need an outsider’s perspective to help you get a better look at what’s happening inside of your relationship. You can’t be so naïve and so arrogant to think that your perspective is always going to be the best and most complete one.

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