10 Negative Things That Happen To You When You Are In A Relationship With a Toxic Man

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?

Toxic men should really come with warning labels so as to protect weak and gullible girls from the potential harm that they bring into their relationships and lives as a whole. If they did come with warning labels, then so many innocent girls would be protected from severe disappointment, abuse, manipulation, and heartbreak. The thing about being in a relationship with toxic men is that the toxicity starts to seep into your own life as well. It’s not like the toxicity is contained merely in their own lives. They aren’t just destroying their own lives with their toxic behavior. These toxic men are fond of inflicting damage on the people who are around them as well.

And the thing is, you aren’t always going to know that you’re in a relationship with a toxic man until it’s too late. And when that happens, you can be left hopeless and defenseless to their toxic behavior. They are poisonous human beings and they must always be avoided at all costs. Here are 11 negative things that happen to you when you are in a relationship with a toxic man:

1. You always feel like you’re constantly exhausted.

It takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to maintain a relationship with a toxic man. He is going to want to demand a lot of thins from you and it will be quite a struggle for you to try to keep up with everything. You are constantly have to be running around in circles trying to keep up with his needs but your efforts are never going to be validated. You are never going to feel like what you’re doing is enough.

2. You are never going to get a sense of financial security.

He is going to use you as a personal piggy bank and you are never going to be able to get the financial security that you want for yourself.

3. You are going to have to deal with self-esteem issues a lot.

He is always going to demean and belittle you. He will actually make you feel like less of a person. He is going to make you believe that you are worthless and that your sense of self-worth is tied to your relationship. It’s his way of trapping you into this dysfunctional relationship that you have together.

4. You will question your own sanity a lot.

You will be made to believe that you are the crazy one in the relationship. Your toxic partner will make you think that the problems you have about how he treats you are yours alone.

5. You start to destroy your other relationships with friends and family.

You are going to find substantial conflict with the people who love you the most. They will tell you that your toxic relationship with this terrible guy is bad for you. But because of your blind love, you will lash out at them for threatening your relationship.

6. You are frightened at the thought of what your future is going to look like.

You know that things are terrible right now but you cling to the hope that things might get better for the both of you in the future. Unfortunately, things don’t really look like they’re going to pick up and that frightens you.

7. You lie to yourself over and over again about the sad reality of your situation.

You are going to try to trick yourself into believing a lot of lies. You are going to try to believe that you have the strength and power to endure the hardships that you’re going through. You are going to force yourself to think that things are eventually going to get better even though they probably won’t. You are going to tell yourself that every ounce of effort that you’re pouring into this relationship is worth it but the opposite is always true.

8. You pick fights with almost every single person you encounter.

You are constantly upset and irritable and so you will lash out at all the people who you might interact with. But the truth is that you aren’t upset at them. You are merely using these people as a release outlet for the frustrations you have about your relationship.

9. You will have severe and drastic physical weight fluctuations.

Your appetite is likely to be affected by the emotional stress that is brought on by this toxic relationship. It’s either you will try to cope with your stress by overeating or you don’t really have an appetite anymore because of the stress and you end up losing so much weight.

10. You feel like you are emotionally sick.

There is physical sickness where you feel like you aren’t your best self. You are made to feel weak and at times, paralyzed. You can’t be physically productive and it might even hurt you to move. There is such a thing as emotional sickness as well and it’s just as dangerous. While a toxic man might not necessarily inflict physical pain on you, he is sure to inflict physical pain on you without remorse.

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