10 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is About To Break Up With You

Is he about to break up with you?

Breakups can bereally tough experiences that anyone would have to go through. There are somany hurt feelings and heavy emotions involved in breakups. A lot of peoplewill have particularly difficult times going through breakups and recoveringfrom them. However, it’s just a sad part of life that we all must accept. Notall relationships are meant to least and breakups are sometimes necessary. Soif you feel like you’re in a crumbling relationship, then maybe it would bebest for you to emotionally prepare yourself for a breakup. It can come out ofnowhere and it can strike when you least expect it. Look out for some subtlesigns that your man is just about to end things with you. When you find thesesigns, you can still try to fix the relationship, or you can just startpreparing for the demise of your union.

Here are a fewsigns that your man is about to end the relationship with you.

1. He doesn’t take an interest inyour life anymore.

He used to askyou all about your day. He would actually make a concerted effort to find outmore about who you are, what you love, and what you’re passionate about. Hewould ask you about books you read or movies you watch. But nowadays, hecouldn’t care less about what you’re feeling on a particular day. He seemsdistant and disinterested in your life.

2. He doesn’t actively invite you to hang out with him andhis friends.

He’s going outwith his buddies more and more, but he doesn’t want you to tag along so much.He is growing distant from you and he wants to operate in his own space wherehe is comfortable. He considers his friends as an escape from the relationshipthat you have together because he is deeply stressed out by it.

3. He will try to get out of scenarios wherein the two of youare alone.

He doesn’t wantto be alone with you anymore. He finds it awkward and off-putting. He alwaysgets in a foul mood when he’s alone with you and so he will try to avoid thosescenarios whenever he can. He will start using random excuses to get out ofdates with you. He will say he’s tired. He will tell you that he has to worklate. – Continue reading on the next page

4. He will want to go out more often, but you don’tnecessarily have to come along.

He will justkeep on going on random nights out without you. He will go on short trips oradventures alone. He really needs to escape from you as often as he can. Hehates the relationship that he’s managed to get himself stuck in, and he’sslowly building up the courage to tell you that it’s over.

5. He starts blaming you and picking fights with you.

He will startblaming you for the failures in his life even though it isn’t really yourfault. If things start crumbling down at his job, he will find a way to blameyou and say that you are the reason for all his failures. He just wants to usethese things as a way to rationalize his eventual breakup with you.

6. He demeans you and belittles you.

He wants todestroy your spirit. He wants to make you feel like less of a person wheneveryou are with him. Perhaps he is doing it in the hopes that you will eventuallyrealize that you’re in a terrible relationship and you will want to break upwith him also.

7. He starts lying to you.

He really has norespect for you anymore. He won’t think that you’re the kind of person who isworthy of the truth. He will start lying to you. He will start concealing thetruth from you. He doesn’t really care about how his lies will make you feelbecause he’s no longer invested in the relationship. He no longer gives a damnabout your feelings and emotions. 

8. He doesn’t make you feel like you’re being listened to.

Whenever youwant to talk with him about something important, he’s going to shrug it off. Hewill act like he’s listening but he’s not really making a conscious effort todo so. He doesn’t care about what you have to say anymore. He has long checkedout when it comes to the relationship, and so he’s really not putting up withthese deep and difficult conversations with you anymore.

9. He gets angry with you over the simplest things.

He will explodeat you even over the smallest things. He has lots of pent-up anger andanimosity towards the relationship. This anger manifests itself in allsituations when he’s with you and it’s just a matter of time before he gives inand actually breaks up with you.

10. He no longer prioritizes you.

You are no longer a priority in his life.You are no longer of any importance to him. He will start choosing his career,his family, and his friends over you. You will be but a footnote on his lifeand you can bet that the end is definitely near. 

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