10 Subtle Ways To Show Your Partner You’re In Love

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Healthyrelationships are great for the soul. When human beings are given the capacityto share their lives with other people in a healthy manner, it is alwaysbeneficial to that person’s character and psychological makeup. That’s why alot of people put a lot of time and effort into trying to find that particularsomeone with whom they can have a relationship.

However, a lotof people who are already in relationships can fall victim to being complacentand boring. They find themselves in a rut in their relationships because theydon’t feel the need to spice things up in a relationship anymore. Remember thatone of the keys in making a relationship work is making sure that you and yourpartner are always keeping things fresh.

In arelationship, it’s normal for the two people involved to always express theirlove for each other. But after some time, the typical I love you will startto lose its luster. That’s why a lot of happy relationships have people who arealways finding new ways to express their love and affection for one another. Ifyou find yourself in a relationship rut, then here are a few ways that you canexpress your love for your partner without necessarily being so grand about it.

1. Caress your partner’s face and hair.

There’ssomething very endearing and affectionate whenever you caress your partner’shair or face. It doesn’t even have to lead to any sexual excitement. It can bepurely innocent, but it can still have that same romantic effect. It’s a veryendearing way of expressing your love and attraction for another person.

2. Write your partner love letters and notes.

Love letters andlove notes are lost pieces of art. We are all too caught up in a world ofsocial media and technology. We spend most of our days staring at phones andcomputer screens. That’s why there’s a different effect whenever you decide toexpress your love to your partner via a love letter. It’s very old-school butit’s very effective.

3. Make use of the kids.

If you’re alongtime married couple and you already have kids, remember that you can useyour kids as a reminder of your love for your partner. Use them in yourgestures and let your partner know just how much you value the family thatyou’ve managed to raise together. Love is best manifested in the form offamilies.

4. Do the household chores without being asked.

Another greatway to relieve your partner of any stress is to just do some of the householdchores for them. This gesture is basically saying that you value your partner’stime and well-being and that you want to try to ease their worries. It alsotells your partner that you are constantly thinking of them even when you’renot together.

5. Cook up a delicious meal for date night.

Sure, you couldtake your partner out to a fancy restaurant and spend your money on a deliciousmeal. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s also very basic. Mix things up and offerto cook for your partner. Put some effort into your culinary adventures andmake your partner feel your love through the food that you prepare.

6. Buy a small but meaningful gift.

Gifts don’talways have to be luxurious, expensive, and grand. They can also be very simpleand inexpensive. You don’t have to shell out an entire month’s paycheck just tomake your partner happy. Buy your partner a gift that is simple but meaningful.

7. Spend some time with each other just lounging around thehouse.

There is a lotof pressure for couples to just go out and live life on the edge all the time.People are always pressuring you to try new things and go to new places.However, there is something very intimate about just staying at home and beingwith the person you love the most. There’s no pressure. There’s nothingcomplicated. It’s just two people who love each other who are enjoying oneanother’s company in a simple setting.

8. Give your partner some surprise kisses.

Kisses don’talways have to be long, hot, and passionate. Mix things up. Give your partnersome unexpected kisses. Sneak up from behind and kiss them on the cheek. It mayseem like it’s a very innocent, playful, and simple gesture but it’s a greatway to express one’s affection.

9. Make your partner feel like they’re being listened to.

Communication isa very important aspect of any relationship. You should also take note that oneof the best ways to let your partner know that you love them is to listen tothem. Make them feel like they’re being heard and that their opinions are beingvalued.

10. Touch the sweet spots whenever you’re being intimate.

Lastly, wheneveryou’re making love to each other, don’t be so selfish. Communicate with eachother. Ask your partner how they want you to be moving and where it is theywant you to be touching them. Be open and honest to each other. Always makesure that you leave your partner feeling very satisfied. 

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