10 Things You Should Never Ask Your Girl To Do In Your Relationship

1. Clean your messes up for you.

Are you a toddler who is incapable of cleaning up your own messes? Well, if you think that you’re mature enough to be in a relationship, then you should also be mature enough to pick up after yourself. You can’t expect your girl to be so enthusiastic about picking up the pieces for you. You need to be mature enough to own up to your shortcomings – and you always need to be putting in the efforts to actually remedy any unfortunate situations that you might have caused.

2. Give you money whenever you want.

It’s great that you think that you won the lottery by landing a girl like her – but you shouldn’t take that in a literal sense. You shouldn’t be treating her like some kind of lottery ticket. She isn’t made of cash. And you shouldn’t be depending on her to support you on a financial basis if you can’t even support yourself. You need to be motivated and hardworking enough to actually go out and earn your own money. You can’t just keep on relying on her to get by.

3. Refrain from seeing her friends when you’re not there.

You should really learn to trust her. You are never going to be able to make your relationship work if you don’t make her feel like you trust her. She has her own social life outside of your relationship and you need to be respectful of that. And if she wants to be able to hang out with her friends, then you should let her. You shouldn’t feel insecure. You shouldn’t feel possessive. You shouldn’t feel like you get to dictate who she’s supposed to be hanging out with.

4. Give up on her hopes and dreams for the sake of your relationship.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you shouldn’t let that relationship hold you back from achieving your hopes and dreams. So if you have a girl who is ambitious and hardworking, then you shouldn’t be serving as a roadblock between her and her goals. You can’t be serving as deadweight. You need to be propelling her forward; not holding her back. She shouldn’t have to choose between finding success in love and her career. She can have both if you let her.

5. Spend ALL of her time with you.

She is her own individual person and she should get to dictate how she spends her time. You are not her master. Yes, you are in a relationship together. And she is going to have to spend a bulk of her time with you. But that doesn’t mean that you are entitled to take ALL of her time. You aren’t entitled to be dictating to her how she should be spending her time. You should be respectful of the fact that she is her own person who is living her own independent life alongside you.

6. Choose between you and her family.

Her family is very important to her. You are very important to her. And it’s always important for you to respect the fact that her family was there for her even before you stepped into the picture. And if you don’t get along with her family, you don’t have the right to make her choose between the two of you. She shouldn’t have to make that decision between two sides she cares deeply about.

7. Have sex with you even when she’s not in the mood to do so.

Having sex with her without first gaining her consent is sexual assault. And that is a crime. That is always unacceptable. If she tells you that she doesn’t want to have sex with you, you don’t have the right to compel her otherwise. She owns her body and she gets to decide what she’s going to do with it. You should be able to respect and defend that right of hers.

8. Tolerate your terrible treatment of her.

If you’re a bad boyfriend, and you know you’re being a bad boyfriend, you need to change. You shouldn’t ask her to just “accept” you for who you are even when you know that you can be better. She shouldn’t have to put up with your terrible antics especially if they’re making her very unhappy about being together in a relationship with you.

9. Agree with you all of the time.

She’s not always going to agree with you on everything. Yes, she’s going to have your back. You know that you’re going to have an ally with her through and through. When the going gets tough, she’s always going to be by your side. But if she sees something in you that she doesn’t agree with, she should have the right to voice that out. You can’t expect her to always just accept what you say or do. She needs to be able to police you to help you become a better person.

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