10 Things You Should Refrain From Telling Him

Refrain from telling these things…

The best kinds of relationships are built on healthy and stable communication. The strongest couples are the ones who are always open and honest with each other about anything. They don’t shy away from conversations whether shallow or deep. They are the ones who know when to be serious and when to keep things light. Communication is the absolute best way to establish and build a connection with another person. However, communication is a double-edged sword. It also has the ability to drive a wedge between two people. If you say the wrong thing to someone, you run the risk of driving that person farther away from you.

That’s why we always have to be careful with what we say to our partners. We don’t want our words to lead to a potentially deadly argument. We must always be mindful of the effects of our words and we can’t just be impulsively saying the first thing that comes to mind. Remember, that tactless words can be the source of great misunderstandings regardless of whether your intentions were pure or not. To enlighten you, here are a few things that you really should stop saying to your man.

1. I’m keeping myself pure.

Not every man who meets you is going to want to have sex with you right away. Remember that not all men are always going to have doing the deed in mind whenever they flirt. A lot of men flirt with the intentions of getting into a relationship with you. But they always want to be open to the prospect of eventually being able to do it with you. If you flat out reject them right away, then that’s going to compel him to seek someone else.

2. Please go and get a haircut.

A man’s pride is never something to be trifled with especially when it comes to his looks. Sure, it may not look like it, but a man is always trying his best to look good for you. If you tell him that his looks aren’t good enough for you, then you are dealing a crushing blow to his pride and he might never recover.

3. Are you going to pay for our date?

It’s the 21st century. Women are more empowered now than ever. There is no reasonable excuse for you to always expect the man to pay for your dates. You should also offer to pick up the tab every once in a while just so he won’t suspect you of being a gold-digger.

4. The men in my family are intense.

The quickest way to scare a man off from courting you is when you tell him that you have crazy men in your family. By openly broadcasting the intensity of your brothers or your father, you are essentially repelling all prospective suitors to the idea of getting in a relationship with you.

5. I have a crazy ex-boyfriend.

Similar to the previously listed item, a lot of men will get turned off to the idea of courting you if they know that you have had a crazy boyfriend in the past. That’s a delicate situation that not many men are ready to face.

6. You’re so boring.

One of the best ways to break a man’s spirit is to tell him that he is boring. Of course a man who is interested in you is always going to try his best to make sure that you’re having fun. So if you’re interested in him, make sure you never tell him that you’re bored with him no matter how innocent you think your remark is.

7. You’re so much weaker than I am.

Again, men have lots of pride. Any comments about their supposed manhood is detrimental to their egos. No man wants to be around a woman who threatens his sense of self-confidence.

8. My ex always treated me better.

Any talk of exes is always a big no-no especially when it is unwarranted commentary. A man is never fond of hearing just how great the previous guy used to be in comparison to him. That’s never a nice thing to hear and he isn’t going to be tolerating many comments like that from you.

9. It’s either my way or no way at all.

If you use this kind of talk with your man, you are essentially telling him that you are a close-minded human being who isn’t open to opposing perspectives or views. You are also revealing to him that he is never going to win with you and he’s not going to want to stick around too long for that kind of environment.

10. I see you like a brother.

The brother-zone. No man wants to take any part of that. Tell him that you remind him of a brother, and you’ll see him bolt for the door faster than an Olympic runner.

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