10 Signs He Is A Player And Your Feelings Don’t Matter To Him

Is he a player? This article is for all the ladies who think the man they’re in love with isn’t as loyal as he seems. He is probably a player guy. If you have doubts then you must not forget to read these 10 signs he is a player.

1. He Doesn’t Like To Be Seen With You

He's a player

When a guy is in love with you, he shows you off to the whole world, and he makes sure all of his friends and family know about you and meet you regularly. It is essential to him that they all like you and make you a part of them. But if the guy you’re seeing avoids introducing you to his friends and family, doesn’t like being seen with you and only takes you out where he knows no one will remember him, there’s something shady going on. Guys like this tend to have more girls they’re seeing, and the fear of them seeing you with him makes him want to keep you hidden. If you feel like this is happening, you’re probably being played on.

2. He Hardly Ever Calls You

He Is A Player

I call my girlfriend every day, we talk for hours non-stop, and if I go a few days without talking to her, I start feeling Empty inside. If the guy you’re seeing doesn’t call you or hardly calls you, it may direct to the point that he isn’t interested in you, and it’s just another fling for him. He probably has someone else to talk to on the phone, some Other girl that he’s lying to. Being a guy I can say this myself, I have a few friends who are this way with girls, and it disgusts me.

3. He Doesn’t Open Up To You

He Doesn't Open Up To You

When a guy is genuinely in love with you, he tends to share all of his life with you. He will tell you everything about His life, about all the ups and downs he went through, because he wants you to pay attention to him and love him for who he is and because he wants your love and support. But if the guy you’re seeing doesn’t open up to you and almost always talks like a flirt, he isn’t interested in you and is just playing.

4. He Bails On You

When a guy loves you, he cherishes every single moment he spends with you. He knows your time is valuable And he always makes sure he gets to spend plenty of time with you and never say no to meeting you. But if the guy you’re seeing cancels a lot of plans with you, he makes plans and then bails at the last minute, it might be because he had someone else to meet who was more critical. Don’t get me wrong, canceling On plans isn’t a big deal, everyone gets busy every once in a while, but if it seems to happen every other day, then you’re being played.

5. Your Feelings Don’t Matter

If a guy truly loves you, he takes the utmost care of your feelings. He makes sure you’re always smiling and never Hurt. If you two fight, he comes back and makes it up to you. But if the guy you’re seeing doesn’t care about you being sad, doesn’t care when you’re down, doesn’t ask if you’re okay or not, or tries to show some amount of fake sympathy, he doesn’t care about you and is playing you for a fool!