10 Very Valid Reasons As To Why You’re Still Single

You don’t have to feel all too bad about being single. Sometimes, mainstream media and modern society has a way of shoving love and relationships down our throats. We are all so pressured into thinking that we can never find happiness in life unless we fall in love with someone. And that’s just wrong. It’s much worse to be in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy than to be single.

Besides, there are so many valid reasons as to why you would want to stay single in life. See if any of the reasons below actually apply to your situation as well.

1. You stay single because you don’t feel like you really understand what love is or what it’s supposed to be.

You don’t want to be engaging in anything that you don’t know about. It’s only reasonable. It’s like a test. You don’t want to be taking an exam at school without first studying for it. Otherwise, you know you’re going to fail. And you have that same kind of mindset when it comes to love. You feel like you don’t understand it too well yet and you don’t want to be dabbling into it for now.

2. You stay single because you have difficulty trusting men.

A lot of men in this world are just bona fide douchebags. And that’s why a lot of men are just so hard to trust nowadays. They seem to have ulterior motives with anything they say or do. And you have substantial difficulty bringing yourself to trust them. And you can’t possibly build a healthy relationship without first establishing a sense of mutual trust.

3. You stay single because you don’t think that you’re ready to rush into anything so deep.

You know that love is a serious game – and if you’re going to go into it, you need to be ready for it. And you know that you just aren’t ready for anything so serious just yet. And so you choose to just withdraw yourself from that kind of high-pressure environment because you know you would definitely crumble under the pressure.

4. You stay single because you are living a great single life.

Sometimes, a lot of people just live crappy lives and that’s why they end up becoming so desperate to get into romantic relationships because they think that that would make their lives better. That’s the big problem; but at least it’s not a problem that you need to be worrying about. You have such a great life and you don’t feel compelled to add anything onto it.

5. You stay single because you find the dating world just so messy.

You hate dating. You hate the games that are involved with dating. You don’t want to play any part of it. When you get into love, you want to get into it in a serious manner. And so you would rather just not play the game altogether.

6. You stay single because you are fully content with your friendships.

You feel like you are able to get social fulfilment out of your friendships. Sure, you don’t necessarily have any romantic relationships. But you also feel like the intimacy and security that you have in your platonic relationships are enough to satisfy you. You don’t really crave for a romantic love because your friends already fill that void for you.

7. You stay single because you enjoy the isolation and solitude that comes with the single life.

As a single person, you get a lot of time to yourself. And while a lot of people are uncomfortable with isolation and solitude, you might thrive in it. And you know the moment that you get into a relationship with someone, things just are never going to be the same.

8. You stay single because you don’t want to be chained down to anything.

You know that part of being in a relationship and falling in love is domestication. You are going to have to chain yourself down – whether it’s to a place or to a certain person. And you don’t want that just yet. You want to explore. You want to experiment. You want to play around and see what’s out there. You’re not really ready to commit yourself to anything serious just yet.

9. You stay single because you have high standards and you don’t want to settle.

You are going to stay single because you have incredibly high standards and you don’t mind waiting for the perfect man to come along eventually. You would rather stay single than settle for someone who you know you’re never going to be happy with.

10. You stay single because you want to maximize your single life.

There’s no denying that being in a relationship is going to deny you certain freedoms and privileges. You are going to have to make a few compromises and sacrifices in relationships – and that’s all just part of the package. And that’s why you want to make sure that you get to maximize all of the freedom that comes with being single – that phase in your life where you are only responsible for yourself and no one else.

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