10 Warning Signs You’re in Bad Company

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I hate to say it, but you learn so much about life from bad company. they tend push you into situations which almost ruin you. You go through a phase of emotional evaluation and self-construction, just to feel secure around people again. Most people end up being scarred for life. The weird part is that you don’t actually realise that these people were blood sucking leaches until they leave your side. They tend to let you go at the worst possible time.

People like me are left with nothing but grief and regret, I still have trust issues. It took me a year to be able to confront people again; I deactivated all my social media accounts and changed my numbers. I couldn’t even face people I really loved. These people tend to ruin your life, they destroy you and your confidence; they make the most of your misery because they don’t have any ambition in life. Their lives are so pathetic and so meaningless that they seek pleasure in the pain and suffering of other human beings. Here are some things that indicate that you have bad company.

  1. They want you to be someone else

These people imply that it’s not okay to be you. They want you to be their versions of perfection. They take everything negatively and tend to rub off their negativity on you! You try hard to please them but they always have an excuse to be unsatisfied. They make you feel as if you need their approval to be someone in life. They know how to hack your mind and ruin your self-esteem in the process.

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  1. You are a convenience, not a priority

Lack of commitment isn’t going to get anyone anywhere, relationships with no meaningful interactions are nothing. Any person who treats you like convenience should not be in your life. A relationship is not a one sided thing, a car wouldn’t move forward without the other wheel. There is a balance which needs to be maintained. If someone demeans your worth by reaching out whenever they feel like it, that person needs to go.

  1. They judge you by your past

Everyone makes mistakes, and we want to put them behind us and move on. My friend was with a guy who constantly taunted her and made her regret her past. Every time he would do something wrong and my friend would want to set things straight, he would start pointing out the things she did in her past and get away with whatever he was doing. A healthy relationship helps you forget your past, it doesn’t slap the wrongs you did across your face!

  1. You feel imprisoned

When you are in the wrong relationship, you feel like life has no meaning. You feel trapped and worthless. A good relationship gives you space and helps you become a better person it gives you motive and meaning. If you feel like a prisoner in your relationship, I think it’s time to break free.

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  1. They kill your dreams

A good relationship will inspire you to be the best of you. If they put you down every time you think of doing something with your life and fail to admire your true worth, they don’t deserve you. If these people don’t recognize and admire the things you do for them, you need to sit them down and tell them how you feel. If they don’t change their ways, you know what to do. Your efforts are worth praise and admiration!

  1. They tend to lie about everything

No one wants liars in their lives. Some people tend to make fools out of themselves by lying again and again. You need to tell them to stop, because lying isn’t going to get them anywhere. Lying also indicates lack of trust, so the next time someone lies, reconsider your options.

  1. They are jealous

They are jealous of what you have, of your ability to see the good in life, so they try to bring you down. They might say that they love you, but they don’t. You don’t want to be around such people.

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  1. They hold grudges against you

Everyone makes mistakes; the wrong person will hold your mistakes against you. This person would try to take revenge. A good person will forgive and forget, but the wrong people don’t have the compassion it takes to forgive and move on with their lives.

  1. They are judgmental

These people are judgmental, about everyone. They have an opinion about how other people should live their lives. People that make you judge and demean other people are not good company to keep!

  1. They drag you in with their problems

They want you to cover up for their mistakes and lie to other people in the process. These people will not think twice before they throw the blame on you and make a run for it.

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Some of these people have had hard lives. They tend to have no idea how the things they do harm other people. The funny thing is, they don’t want to help themselves out. If someone wants to get them out of the situation, they turn the person down. Choose your company wisely!