11 Bad Relationship Habits That Strong Women Never Do

Ladies, do you agree?

Making mistakes is a normal aspect of life. None of us are ever born perfect and we all just really have to learn how to figure things out as we go. So it’s perfectly normal for you to have a few stumbles on your pursuit for true love and sound relationships. But what the best and strongest of us have figured out is that it’s the ability to learn from our mistakes that really define us. Our growth and development as individuals is really dependent on our ability to rid ourselves of bad habits and poor behavior that lead us to making mistakes in the first place.Habits define character. And if you want to espouse the character of a strong and independent woman in a relationship, then you have to make sure that you don’t practice any of these bad relationship habits:

1. You text him a second time because he didn’t reply the first time.

A strong and independent woman never chases after a man who isn’t worth chasing after her. Of course, you should always be willing to go after what you really want. But it gets to a point wherein you only need to be focusing your energies on things and people who are actually worth it. If he didn’t reply to your first text message, then you should just move on

2. You try to act uncharacteristically in an effort to impress your guy.

A strong and independent woman never feels like she should have to adjust herself just for the convenience of others. You should never have to be a person you’re uncomfortable with being just because you think it would impress a guy. Be your natural self and let him accept you for who you really are.

3. You try to turn your partner into someone else instead of just allowing them to be themselves.

You are a strong person but that doesn’t mean you get to impose your ideas about life and relationships on other people. You have to learn to accept people the way that you would want them to accept you as well.

4. You are too easily impressed.

A strong and independent woman is never easily impressed in a relationship. You shouldn’t’ be fawning over a man who happens to drive an expensive car. You shouldn’t be impressed with how much money he has in his bank account. These are trivial matters. You should only really be impressed by a person’s character and drive to succeed; and of course, his willingness to be kind and loving.

5. You rely on him for validation of your self-worth.

You shouldn’t be tying your sense of self-worth to whether you’re in a relationship or not. You should be confident in who you are as a human being. You should be building a life of yourself that you could be proud of regardless of who you are in a relationship with.

6. You constantly allow yourself to feel self-conscious about how you look when you’re together.

You always want to impress your man and you want to make sure that you look your absolute best for him. That’s normal. But it isn’t normal if you become too self-conscious about your looks because of your man. Be confident and own up to how beautiful you really are.

7. You reveal the intimate details of your romantic life to third parties.

A strong and independent woman always understands the value of discretion and privacy. She respects the men she’s with by never revealing the intimacies of their relationship to other people. Whenever you have problems with your man, deal with it yourselves. Don’t bring anyone else into your personal drama.

8. Your idea of deep and profound commitment is neediness.

You don’t have to be clingy and needy in a relationship to prove that you’re committed to your man. While a lot of men will want their women to be passive and unproductive, you shouldn’t have to settle. You have to show your man that you are still strong and that you won’t compromise your independence for the relationship.

9. You automatically assume that all guys who flirt with you want something serious.

You have to know that not all men in the world are going to have noble intentions. Just because a man flirts with you doesn’t mean that he wants to marry you. You will have to learn how to filter the good guys from those who just want you for your body.

10. You force a smile even when you don’t really want to do so.

If you are unhappy with a particular situation, then you don’t have to feign happiness for it. Change it. Be strong. Don’t act happy in a relationship that makes you miserable. Learn to really stand up for yourself and fight for your own happiness.

11. You fend off compliments like the plague.

A strong and independent woman understands that a lot of people will want to compliment her. Just accept these compliments graciously instead of not owning up to them. There’s a difference between being arrogant and just plain confident about who you are.

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