11 Fears That Guys Have When Going Into Relationships

Relationships are just downright frightening. And don’t you dare think that macho guys don’t go into relationships without their fair share of fears and apprehensions as well. They can be just as scared and as hesitant as most other women. In fact, the reason that a lot of guys tend to deal with commitment issues more than women is because they are scared out of their minds when it comes to relationships.But what kind of fears do guys typically have when it comes to falling in love with a girl, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

1. He is afraid that being vulnerable will get him hurt.

He’s afraid of getting hurt. And he knows that falling in love is going to entail him being vulnerable to another person; and he’s not entirely sure if he’s going to be willing to do that. He doesn’t want to be giving other people the power to hurt him.

2. He is afraid that his girl will change after they tie the knot.

Sure, things might be going along really well for the moment. You might be the girl of his dreams at this very moment; but what if somewhere along the line, you change into someone he doesn’t want to be with? And what if you’re already married at that point?

3. He is afraid of having to always tell her what he’s thinking.

Sometimes, a man doesn’t always have the brightest ideas. He isn’t always going to be thinking of things that are worth sharing to the rest of the world. However, that won’t stop you from asking him, would it? You’re still going to expect him to open up – and he’s not sure if he can do so.

4. He is afraid of finding out that she’s only using him for something.

He wouldn’t want to let himself get really invested in the idea of the two of you being together if your feelings aren’t real after all. He wouldn’t want to be getting so attached to you even when you’re just attaching yourself to what you can get out of him.


5. He is afraid of being emotionally manipulated into doing something.

He doesn’t want to be blackmailed or manipulated. And he knows that feelings and emotions can really mess up a person’s reasoning and decision-making. He knows that if he’s going to be emotional with you, he’s going to be giving you the power to manipulate him into doing things he’s not comfortable with doing.

6. He is afraid of the thought of her not coming home to him one night.

Loss is something that scares all people – both men and women alike. He is afraid of getting close to you, falling in love with you, and then just waking up one morning only to realize that you are no longer there. He doesn’t want to have to go through that kind of painful experience.

7. He is afraid of having to live up to her ex-boyfriends.

He doesn’t want to have to be judged against a lineup of previous flames and ex-boyfriends. He doesn’t want to have his insecurities on full display. He is deathly afraid of having to live up to a certain standard that he might not be able to reach. He doesn’t want to end up as just another disappointment in your eyes.

8. He is afraid of waking up one day and realizing that he isn’t in love with her anymore.

Sometimes, his own feelings can change. And he’s afraid of waking up one day and realizing that he isn’t in love with you after all. How would he break it to you? What is he supposed to do? Should he end things or try to just cover things up? He wouldn’t want to have to find himself in that emotionally compromising position.

9. He is afraid that a divorce could destroy his life.

He knows that a lot of marriages potentially end in divorce. And he also knows that a divorce has the power to really derail a person’s life – whether on an emotional or a financial level. Divorces are difficult situations and he’s afraid he might end up having to deal with one.

10. He is afraid of not being financially good enough for her.

Whenever you start to get closer to a person, you start to know more and more about one another – including the financial statuses of your lives. And he’s afraid that he might not be rich enough to be with you or to satisfy your needs.

11. He is afraid of bringing a child into this world without him being ready to be a father.

You have to take into consideration that he might also really afraid of eventually having kids with you. He knows that a lot of relationships will eventually go through a phase of procreation; and he might not be ready to be a dad when that time comes.



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