11 signs she’s worth marrying

She’s worth everything!

Saying that sharing your life with someone is a big deal; is an understatement. The enormity of the matter is beyond that. You’re living your life comfortably, your own way, on your own terms one day, and then you’re supposed to spend the rest of your days with someone else. You know you love her; why else would you even consider marriage. You’ve probably been living together or at least stayed over a couple of times, and you loved every bit of it. But as you think of making the whole thing permanent; panic attack! You’re worried that things might change for the worse if you get married, or if you’d be able to adjust to the new living situation or not, or a whole bunch of other qualms.

Marriage is the biggest step forward in a relationship and an enormous matter too. The word ˜wedding’ does not describe properly what it means and the ways in which it changes the lives of two people and their families. It is the merging of two completely different lives together. The life you have been living alone is to be shared with another person; everything you do will involve her too. You may have spent some nights with her or may have been living together for some time, but marriage would still haunt you sometimes. But it will not be too haunting an experience if you see the signs that tell you she is worth marrying. Here are 11 signs that, if you see in her, may rid you of all the doubts.

1. You share similar values

    She doesn’t necessarily have to be on board with everything, unless you’re living in a perfect world, which you’re not. She doesn’t have to agree with you on everything, but there are things you two should definitely have in common; your values. Religion, humanity, family, friends, and goals among other things that you hold in utmost importance. It’s going to be really difficult to live with someone who doesn’t share the same basic values as you.

    She does not always have to see eye to eye with you and neither should she undoubtedly believe all your plans. It is not a perfect world we are living in so it is perfectly normal for her to disagree with you on certain matters but there are some things that you two need to share with each other, and those are values. Religion, views, family and friends ought to be interests common in you and her. Having different and opposite views and values can cause problems but if she shares the same values as yours, that is a good sign.

    2. She not only gets you, but is your biggest supporter as well

      She knows what you want from life and your relationship. She understands and believes in your vision. You can always count on her to be there for you till you achieve your goals and of course even after that. Her confidence in you washes away any doubts that you might have. She realises your struggle, and compromises without complaining.

      Not only does she respects your goals and helps you achieve them but also she supports you to pursue every dream you have. She doesn’t back you down and discourage you but makes you believe in yourself and lives every moment of a hardship with you. Her compromises are not a show-off but are silent; she is supportive and lives your struggle like it is hers.

      3. She respects you

        That doesn’t mean she has to oblige with everything you ask of her, or she has to blindly agree with everything you say. It simply means that she holds you and your opinions in high regard. Nothing you say goes unnoticed. She’d consider what you want, or what you say, but at the same time, she’s allowed to make her own decisions and do what’s best for her.

        Additionally, she never ridicules you in anyway. You could have the craziest of dreams, and all you’ll get from her is support. Even if there is criticism, it’s going to be constructive.

        Her respect for you means noticing everything you say although it does not oblige her to do everything you tell her to. She respects you as a person and does not make fun of anything you hold dear. She regards you highly but at the same time, she is mature enough to make her own decisions and include you in them. Mutual respect is what she promotes in a relationship and is always there to listen to you.

        4. She isn’t unnecessarily self-absorbed

          One simply can’t stand being around someone whose life is fixated on themselves alone. You’d be better off living on your own than having to spend all your life with such a person. With self-preservation comes selfishness. But if there’s one thing that loving someone teaches you; it’s selflessness. You can’t suppress your instincts, but you naturally think of the people you love even before yourself at times. She should be willing to make the necessary sacrifices for the relationship, and so should you.

          It is unpleasant to be around people who are unnecessarily self-absorbed, let alone dating them and marrying them. Living alone would be better than spending whole life with them. Being selfless does not mean suppressing your instincts but putting other people’s interests before yours sometimes is the true meaning. Love teaches you to be selfless; you automatically think of the person you love before you think of yourself. If she does that, she is worth marrying. – Continue reading on the next page

          5. Your relationship tops her priority list

            If you need her, she’s going to drop everything else and be there for you. She makes time for you and is attentive. You’re the single most important person in her life, and she never fails to show you that. She never neglects your needs and even when she has a lot going on, the relationship never takes a backseat.

            She is first person you want to see when you wake up and the last one before going to sleep. You want to talk to her even when you do not feel like talking to anyone else. She takes up your mind while working, while shopping, while watching a movie and you just can’t get enough of her, that is when you know she is worth marrying. 

            6. She is everything to you

              She’s the only person you talk to even when you don’t want to talk to anyone. The first person that you want to share everything with. The person you want to start and end your day with. You two have this unique connection, that you’ve never had with anyone. You can read each other’s faces, have those silly inside jokes and you know exactly how to put each other out of a bad mood. When you’re with her, it feels like you’ve come home.

              If you need her, she’s going to drop everything else and be there for you. She makes time for you and is attentive. You’re the single most important person in her life, and she never fails to show you that. She never neglects your needs and even when she has a lot going on, the relationship never takes a backseat.

              7. You find her attractive

                Not that it’s not important to be physically attracted to your wife, because it is; but there should be more to it than that. You should feel an undeniable appeal when you look at her. It could simply be her smile, or the shine in her eyes, or how she makes you feel, or so many other things. Other might find these little things ordinary, but to you they make her nothing short of exceptional.

                Besides being physically attracted to her, you feel a different kind of happiness when you look at her. The glitter in her eyes and her bright smile make you fall in love with her every day. You would want to see her face at the end of the day because you know that would relieve you of all the stress of the day.

                8. She can run things well

                  Around the house of course, and outside too if necessary. You need to know that she is someone who can be trusted with the responsibility of your house and at some point your kids as well. She doesn’t depend on you for everything. Not only that, she’s forgiving when you can’t do your part due to some reason.

                  You can trust her with the house and with your kids, knowing that she can run things well. She is capable for taking care of things around as well as outside the house. – Continue reading on the next page

                  9. She is all for becoming a better person

                    No one’s perfect and there’s always room for improvement. She understands that and tries to live by it. You can actually notice the positive changes in her. Moreover, she serves as an inspiration for you to do the same as well. A person, who accepts their shortcomings and works on them, is very rare to find. If you’ve found someone like that, don’t let her go.

                    A person who is always trying to improve is a person worth loving. If she knows that there is always room for improvement and never overestimates herself, there are chances that she will make your life pleasant, too, by always trying harder to make you happy.

                    10. She has a clear vision of what she wants

                      She not only knows what she wants from life, but also knows how to get it. You’ll never see her confused about the future. She has goals, for her life as an individual and for your relationship as well. And she’s not afraid to work for them.

                      She is not confused about what she wants from life and how she wants to achieve it. She is ambitious, not only individually but also regarding your relationship with her. She is always ready to go an extra mile for the betterment of both of you.

                      11. She can speak for herself

                        She’s anything but timid. Not that she’d become cutthroat or turn everything into an argument, but if there’s something she doesn’t like, she won’t bear with it. You both get to have a say in your relationship. She won’t allow you to walk all over her and if something isn’t right, it’d need to be fixed.

                        Guys, is she the one?

                        So these are few of the definite signs you shouldn’t waste a minute in marrying her. There could be many more. If you’re married or about to get married, what was it about her that assured you that you were making the right decision? If you haven’t found someone yet, what is it that you’d want in your future wife? We’d love to know!

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