27 Signs you’re with a man who actually respects you

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Here are 27 signs that tell you you’re dating a man who actually respects you:

1.В Every time he introduces you to a friend or a family member, his short description of who you are makes you blush a lot because he never fails to exaggerate your best personality traits and your talents.

2. When you passionately express a strong opinion while chatting with someone you’ve just met or to a group of old friends at a dinner party, it turns him on. You might even catch him at the corner of your gaze, just sitting back, smiling, and watching you make crazy gestures as you try to establish your point.В 

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3. He turns to you for subjects that you have more knowledge of. And he will ask you meaningful questions on these topics because he genuinely loves learning more from you.В 

4. If he feels like he’s the expert on a specific area, he won’t act pompous or arrogant about it. If anything, he always takes pride in sharing the knowledge he has with you.В 

5. When you mess up or struggle a bit with anything in life, he finds it endearing instead of taking it as a sign of weakness.

6. He will consider it an accomplishment if he ever proves you wrong about anything because in his head, you’re right at least 75 percent of the time or so, whether or not you actually were.В 

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7. He will keep pushing you, sometimes even beyond your comfort one, just so you can pursue all your ambitions and dreams. That’s how much he believes in you.

8. He always stays as excited about making you orgasm as he is about getting himself off.

9. His sexual goals are usually focused on your pleasure instead of his own, like making sure you climax multiple times in a row, or trying out the new positions he researched that are supposed to feel great for a woman.В  – Continue reading on next page

10. He will get a bit jealous if you refer to another guy in your life- someone you actually respect and interact with on a regular basis. This isn’t because he can’t trust you, but because he knows how amazing you are and he’s always a little bit scared of losing you.

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11. In the rare instances when he doesn’t like what you’re wearing, he will manage to let you know without sounding offensive. In fact, he will even turn an outfit critique into a compliment, by saying something like: This dress isn’t doing justice to your sexy body.В 

12. He isn’t scared of superlative when he compliments you. You are the most amazing woman, the most perfect partner, and the smartest person he has ever met.В 

13. Every now and then, he also ends up saying something grandiose like You mean everything to me or You are my entire world.В 

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14. After some time, he might even come up with a semi-embarrassing hashtag in a social media post that’s a not-very-subtle ode to your relationship, something like #mylife or #Forever.

15. He would rather help you study or do a project or perform some mundane chores with you than letting you go through these things alone, no matter how unappealing or dull the task sounds.

16. He asks for your opinion on every single thing: wardrobe, current events, politics, career strategies, the authenticity of the latest celebrity rumors, etc.В 

17. He isn’t scared of expressing his opinions, even when they differ greatly from yours. Because he knows it will result in a healthy debate instead of an angry fight.В – Continue reading on next page

18. And while he always hopes to be heard, he will never expect you to just change your mind- unless it happens naturally. And in that case, he will feel extremely satisfied because he truly values your thoughts.

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19. He keeps forwarding you articles he knows will be interesting to you- about the things he never would have even opened before you started dating him.В 

20. He has been your number one fan and he also considers you his.

21. Any time you feel upset or stressed out about something, your bad mood triggers a desire inside him to be a better partner, and to start doing his best to help you get out of a difficult situation, even though he realizes that your problems aren’t hinging on him alone.

22. If you say something really nasty or end up going to an extreme during a fight, he doesn’t allow this to impact his view of you. He understands that he is equally capable of saying or doing something stupid in the heat of the moment.

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23. If he ever hurts you, he takes the pain you feel seriously. And he makes a heartfelt apology and commitment to be more mindful of your feelings in the future.

24. He isn’t shy about leaning on you when he’s sick, sad, exhausted or just in need of some extra attention and love.

25. He stays committed to dividing all your free time as a couple between your different friend groups and he keeps making efforts to integrate the two groups whenever it seems reasonable.В 

26. He goes the extra mile to take you along on social events or work-related gatherings, even if he’s aware that he will be the only guy there with a plus-one.В 

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27. And if he does end up heading some place without you, he will send you a text saying that he wishes you were there with him. And he won’t do this just to flatter you, but because he actually does have more fun whenever you are around.

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