12 Signs That Marriage Just Isn’t For You

Marriage isn’t for everyone.

If you are the kind of girl who at a very early age dreamt of your future wedding, then you are a member of the overwhelming majority in this case. There are countless girls who dream of meeting the one with whom they can spend the rest of their lives with. However, there is a recent rising trend in this modern age of women who no longer succumb to this kind of mindset. They don’t necessarily see marriage as a necessary aspect of life or of happiness.

While there are also some girls who have just plainly accepted that perhaps love really isn’t in the cards for them no matter how hard they want it to be. Ever wonder what kind of category you fall into? Are you destined to get swept off of your feet and become someone’s bride? Or are you going to just grow old to be that fierce independent woman who is getting by on her own without a family? Read on through until the end of this list to see what’s in store for you in the future.

1. You think that weddings are practically a waste of money.

You’re pragmatic. You think that the whole ceremony itself is an unnecessary social construct that is just going to cost you a lot of money; this is money that you think could be used for more useful things.

2. You don’t like to share a bed with other people.

Your bed is your sanctuary. You never want your sanctuary to be invaded by someone else. You don’t like the idea of having to share your bed with another person on a nightly basis. Sleep is precious to you and you don’t want anyone else messing it up for you.

3. Your standards for a relationship are just too high.

You expect so much from a relationship. You have given in to the idea that love should always be perfect and you just won’t settle for anything less. Anything that comes short of ideal is a no-go for you. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You like kids; but you know you don’t need married to have them.

It used to be that people would get married if they ever wanted to have children. That isn’t the case anymore. There are so many options for women to exhaust when they feel the maternal instincts start to kick in. Marriage is no longer the only way for a person to build a family.

5. You are afraid of commitment.

You just find the concept of monogamy really weird. You are really uncomfortable with the idea of just sticking to one person for a prolonged period of time. You don’t really like the idea of completely committing yourself to another person for life.

6. You are inclined to have short-term flings.

It’s not that you don’t like relationships. It’s not that you don’t like to date. It’s just that you don’t like the idea of long-term relationships. You always prefer casual hookups that don’t require much commitment or depth.

7. You don’t like to keep your feet planted in one place for too long.

You like to roam around. You are a true human manifestation of the word wanderer. You don’t really like the idea of keeping yourself planted. You know that marriage will require you to settle down and just stay in place, but you know that’s just not the life that you have envisioned for yourself.

8. You don’t want to put in the effort to actually pursue love.

You want love to just fall into your lap. You want love to just come up to your doorstep. You’re not the type of person who is going to actively pursue love. You don’t want to put too much effort into relationships with other people.   – Continue reading on the next page

9. Your career will always overtake anything else in your life.

You are too focused on your career. You have plenty of goals and dreams that you have set yourself in life and you think that having a family would only get in your way.

10. The word compromise isn’t even in your dictionary.

You know that compromises are necessary in all healthy relationships but you aren’t having any of it. You are selfish and you don’t want to have to compromise who you are or what you want in life just for the sake of a relationship.

11. The idea of spending the rest of your life alone doesn’t really faze you.

In fact, you relish in the idea of being alone. You like being with yourself. You don’t really feel lonely because you are always working on something. You are always challenging yourself. You are enough company for your own self.

12. You fall out of love too easily.

It’s practically a struggle to get you to fall in love with someone. But it’s so easy for you to just fall out of love. It’s just not something that is able to grab your attention. You grow disinterested fairly quickly and your relationships always suffer for it.

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