13 Thoughts that Cross a Man’s Mind When He Meets the Perfect Girl

This is coming straight from a man, himself!

There’s something magical that happens when you lock eyes with someone who you feel an instant connection with. There’s a spark there that you can’t necessarily explain, but you can feel with all your heart. There’s this misconception that boys are just inherently polygamous by nature, and that it’s incredibly difficult for them to stick to just one girl. It’s not always the case. Boys can be very loyal. The key is in meeting the right girl for them to stick it out with.

When a man finds a lady that he feels is perfect for him, there’s no doubt that he’ll stay loyal to that girl. Finding the right girl can take a lot of time, but when they do, it’s like a rush of thoughts and emotions that run through a man’s mind.

These are the top 13 thoughts that cross a man’s mind when he meets the perfect girl:

1. Be Careful

Are you really sure you want to be falling head over heels over this one, bro? It could end up getting really messy and you might not be able to handle it. Is your heart ready? Is your mind ready? Remember to stay guarded and maintain your macho image.

2. She Gets Prettier and Prettier Everyday

It’s like the beauty that emanates from her skin glows brighter and brighter the more you look at her. Is that even possible? Yes, it’s perfectly possible. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder after all. Hear that sound? It’s the sound of your heart skipping a beat. You know what that means.

3. I Want to be an Open Book to Her

You’ve given up your invulnerability. You want to be the real you whenever you’re with her. She has this way of just making you reveal who you really are. You open up your entire persona to her and you hope she accepts you for who you are.

4. Is This What Love Feels Like?

Yup. You’re probably falling in love. You find yourself constantly thinking about her. Whenever you’re with her, you’re both excited and anxious about the same time. She brings out the best in you and you like that about her.В – Continue reading on the next page

5. She Always Stands Out in a Crowd

You always manage to spot her out in the crowd. You’ve familiarized yourself with her appearance, her tastes, her mannerisms, and the way she carries herself. You’re obsessed and you can always pick her out from a group of nobodies.

6. She’s Got a Lot of Flaws, But I Love Her More For It

You start getting comfortable with each other and are becoming more vulnerable when you’re together. You start discovering subtle imperfections about each other and you recognize that you’re both humans who don’t live in a fantasy land. However, her imperfections only make you love her more and you don’t really understand what’s happening anymore.

7. I’m Sticking to Her and Only Her

This is it. You’re hooked and you’re whipped. There is no other woman on the face of the earth that could ever live up to your standards. She’s the one and she’s perfect. She always manages to make you feel like you’re in heaven and earth at the same time.

8. This Doesn’t Frighten Me

You’re confident in your monogamy, in your commitment to this one single soul other than your own. You’re not scared nor frightened. You’re sure, you’re certain about your choice of love. You know that if you’re to share the rest of your life with anyone else, it should only be with her.

9. I Wouldn’t Want to Change Anything About Her

You’re contented because she’s enough for you. She makes you feel like she completes every broken part of your life. There’s nothing about her that you would want to change at all. She’s all kinds of perfect in your eyes.В – Continue reading on the next page

10. She’s so Easy to Talk to

Every conversation with her is smooth and effortless. You mesh well because you fill the gaps in each other’s lives. It’s almost as clich as completing each other’s sentences. You each understand the needs of the other and you try to always address those needs.

11. What’s on Her Mind?

You’re practically obsessed with her and everything that she thinks about. You always want to know if her thoughts are consumed by you. You want to know if she’s been upset, if she’s been sad, and whether or not you have anything to do with it. You just want her to always be happy as if your own personal happiness depended on it.

12. It’s Always Fun When I’m With Her

There’s never a dull moment when she’s around. She makes life worth it because she’s slowly becoming a huge part of your life that you can’t survive without.

13. I Don’t Have to Lie to Her

This is it. You’re practically an open book already. Everything that you know, you have no problem with her knowing as well. She’s made an honest man out of you and you love her even more because of it.

Men, talk to me

What have you asked yourself when you finally found the one? Let me know in the comments below!

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