15 Lies Every Man Tells

Lies, lies and some more lies on top of those lies. If you think that your relationship is 100% honesty, we are sorry to burst your bubble but you are wrong. Your boyfriend lies more often than you know and they might not be significant lies but they are still lying. They might not affect your relationship but you sure need to know what they are in order to not fall for them and make a fool of yourself.

Every man tells these 15 lies, or at least some of them, at some point in his life, look out!

1. I’ve never been so in love:

He is probably telling the truth when he says that he loves you but he is probably lying when he says that he has never loved anyone so much unless of course, you are the first woman he has ever been with. If he has been with other women, chances are that he said the same thing to them and is repeating it to make you feel good. Don’t doubt his love due to this lie, just know that he HAS loved other women before and the statement is not true.

2. My friends like you, totally:

In the beginning of a relationship or when you two start going out if he tells you that his friends like you, he is probably trying to make you happy by telling that lie. Guys’ friends really don’t care about the girl they date and even if they do, they are very less likely to actually like her. They are, in fact, a little bummed about how he cannot show up at their night-out because he has to ˜go out with his girlfriend’.

3. I fell asleep:

This is the cutest yet the stupidest lie men tell when they actually ˜want’ to sleep. It is impossible for a person to actually fall asleep when your replies literally take no more than ten seconds. So if he said he slept the other night amid conversation when you were ever so quick with the replies, it means that he did not want to talk to you, that sleep means more to him than you do. Offensive or not, it is the truth. Men should really stop telling it.

4. You are the only girl who texts me:

Big eye roll on this one.

Whatever you believe in; God or no God, do not make the mistake of believing this lie. No guy has only one girl texting him, unless of course he a 12-year-old with a new phone. If it is the beginning of your tenure with him and he bluntly tells you that you are the only girl who texts him, please do not fall for it. Guys keep all conversations active to have future potential girlfriends; it does not mean they are ever ready to cheat on you. Although if he has other girls’ texting him even when he has committed to you, he has got some explaining to do.

5. I don’t talk to my ex:

Exes can be pretty annoying for both the guy and you. They are always lurking in the shadows. It is not necessary that your guy is always talking to your ex, no, he finds her annoying too. But when he is, he will precisely make sure that you never know he is. He knows what your reaction will be and he really does not want to see it. For whatever messed up reasons he is replying to the woman who dumped him or was dumped by him, he, quite obviously, does not want you to know.

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