19 Things Every Woman Tries To hide From Her Man

If you think that you know your girl completely then you’re gravely mistaken. A woman, no matter how much she loves you and lives with you still has a lot of secrets that you probably will never come to know.

1. Her fantasies

She will tell you all about her wishes but she will never tell you about her most dark fantasies. There are so many things that she wants to do to you but will want you to figure out yourself. She is mostly scared to talk about her desires in case you might find her weird and judge her. Also read, 9 Signs That Your Love Is Fantasy, Not Reality

Trust me a girl can never bear it if she has a fear of being judged. Some girls have fetishes that they never share with their guy but can kill anyone to imply them in the bedroom. Women don’t know that by sharing these fantasies they will make their sex life better with their guys but they don’t realize it and the fear of being ridiculed overrules everything else. Also read, 3 Sexual Questions You Need To Ask Them Before You Move In Together

2. Her insecurities

Oh, she will never tell you about how insecure she can get at times and how ridiculous it can be! She will always tell you that she is on top of the world but deep down there will be a million things going on that might even trigger her to have a breakdown. she might tell you all about it once she has like a dozen glasses of wine down her throat but otherwise, she worships the fake it till you make it expression. Also read, 9 Signs That Your Guy Has Some Serious Insecurities

It is not like she wants to lie to you about anything it’s just that she does not want to seem weak and fragile. She does want you to take care of her but she does not want to seem dependent on you for anything even if that means walking down in 7 inches heels all day for you even though it is killing her feet. Also read, 7 Prominent signs of insecurity in most women.

3. How much she stalked you on Facebook

This one is very common indeed. Every girl stalks the guy on Facebook before actually dating him. She tries to know at least 80% of you from your Facebook timeline and posts. She tries her best to know what kind of person you are and if you have photos of cats or babies on your profile then it is a general win-win. Plus it’s a pleasure to scan through all your photos and posts and the comments on them by various people because then she gets a head start on what to talk about on the date. Also read, 6 Signs Your Partner Is Using Facebook To Cheat On You.

4. How many guys she dated before you

She will tell you but not all of it. This is something personal and again she does not want you to judge her. Trust me, a girl has many reasons to be with someone or leave them and be with someone else. But girls often think that their guy will not understand the reason and will think they are some kind of an excessively bold girl.

But in reality, guys just want to know about it because it’s a necessity for them and not because they want to judge their girl. Sometimes a girl gets out of a very serious relationship and if she starts dating you she never wants to talk about her previous relationship because it hurts that much and guys usually take that in the wrong way. Also read, 9 Clear Signs He’s Ready To Be In A Serious Relationship.

5. How much she earns

This one is tricky. Guys don’t usually want to know about it but women hide it anyway. It is like their one pride and no matter how low or high she earns she wants to keep that to herself. In some cases when the girl earns more than the guy, she hides it for his pride and self-respect so that he does not feel bad and if it is too low then it is about her self-respect and dignity. Also read, How To Flirt With A Guy – The Complete Guide.

In no way, she ever wants to be looked down upon or thought of as high and mighty by the one person she loves. And she does not want you to know how much she spent on those beautiful leather boots because guys never understand that with the one jeans that they have for like a decade.

6. How much she shares with her best friend

You think it is all personal between you two but her best friend knows more than you think. She likes to keep many things intimate between you two but when it’s a little girl time, well who can resist not telling all the juicy stuff going on?

She makes sure that you never get to know how much her best friend knows as well so it remains all healthy and happy between you three. But you never know which of the stuff the best friend knows and you keep talking in codes with your girlfriend even though she knows and is dying to laugh out loud. Also read, 6 Signs That Your Romantic Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

7. Her bodily dysfunctions

Girls are considered such perfect beings that they are not expected to act a little wild once in a while. If a girl burps or farts in front of her guy she gets ridiculed for life but you guys can do it anytime and as much as you want. Well, she is a human being, and no matter how much she hides she sometimes just want everything to disappear and pass out gas or blow her nose without getting scared to be seen.

The fear of seeming gross can keep her up all night but no matter how much she needs to she can’t even talk about something natural going on with her body. And if she has diarrhea well you will not see her for weeks because that is too disgusting for her to even near be knowing that she has to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Also read, 8 Body Language Signs That Your Man Is Truly In Love With You.

8. How much she is attracted to you

No matter how much she is attracted to you and she wants to just kill herself every time she looks at you she will not tell it so openly. She might let you take a guess now and then but she will never admit it openly and if something slips out unexpectedly she will turn crimson and want to just get buried under the ground. Also read,  9 Clear Signs That A Girl Is Physically Attracted To You – She Really Wants You

Another reason for hiding her deepest feelings is that some guys take it the wrong way and start treating their girls like they don’t matter in the relationship and it turns really ugly very fast. It is a matter of dignity for some girls to hide this particular thing from you.

9. How hairy she is

You find her beautiful, pampered, and non-hairy every time you go out on a date but can you even imagine how hairy she is when she hasn’t shaved for weeks? Even if it’s something as minor as her eyebrow hair she will not let you see the full growth in case you start thinking she is the man.

And do not even start asking about the hair under the clothes. You don’t know how many dollars she spends on the Brazilian wax just to get rid of every hair everywhere so that you find her spotless and smooth every time there is time for some action. it is extremely embarrassing for some girls if their guy sees unshaven hair in case it’s an accident. Also read, 10 Things About Men That Women Tend To Find Disgusting

10. Her crushes

Having a crush on someone is very normal and you don’t have to know about every single crush because the list might be endless. Having a crush does not at all mean that she is cheating on you or is intending to do so in the future.

It is just a natural phenomenon to find someone attractive and think about him for a while and then comes the next one. But this happens mostly when all the girls are together and they are just having fun. You don’t have to know about it because there is no harm until and unless she is faithful to you and is a great partner.

11. How much she thinks about the future

She will never tell you but she has been dreaming about that perfect wedding since she was 6. And the longer you make her wait for it the more anxiety accumulates. She will never mention it to you, she will not even tell you subtly if she thinks they should get married but will wait every single day to propose.

And if all her girlfriends get married before her then she might even go crazy for a while and if you cannot figure that out then you need to know her better because she is too dignified to ask you herself to marry her.

12. How much she gets hurt

You don’t know but more often than not something that you say or do hurt her bad. She does not show it because she loves you so much but she does feel stuff and sometimes lots of it. Especially after a break up while she gets back on her feet real soon and seems normal, you cannot figure out in a million years how much she got hurt and how many nights she spent on crying just because she was so lonely without you.

She will never tell you how many sacrifices she makes for you and how many habits she abandoned just because you didn’t like them. Some girls even turn suicidal but they even mention it later in front of any guy they date later on.

13. How sensitive she is

She is way too strong to portray herself as sensitive but she is. She might now show but when you do not open the door for her or do not bring her flowers, she feels it and the feeling gets worse every single time. She does not like it if you say something about her family but does not show because she does not want to weaken the relationship.

She feels everything that you think she just ignores but pretends to ignore it. Girls are weird this way, they are sensitive but they show that they are strong about the particular thing they are sensitive about.

14. How often she checks up on her exes

As much as it does not matter to her she still checks up on her exes through social media or mutual friends. But she will never tell you that because guys tend to take it the wrong way even if it’s not. It’s just something girls do and even if does not mean anything they cannot help it.

It does not mean that she is interested in anything that is going on in their life but a little curiosity can’t kill anyone, can it? And she hides it from you because she never wants you to feel jealous or doubt her because she does not have any bad intention and the explanations that follow might end up in a big fight that should not happen.

15. How badly she wants you back in case you’ve broken up

Again the self-respect and dignity stop her from expressing too much. She would never tell you how badly she wants you back even if it is killing her every single day and night. She will keep a track of all the days that you have been apart for, she will never forget anything that you two did together.

She will not forget your birthday, your favorite food, your dislike for anything particular, the way you look when you smile, your fragrance, and your touch. No matter how much she will crave for it but you will never find her knocking on your door begging you to take her back. She might express it indirectly, through a family member or friend but she will never tell you all this directly.

16. How much she wants to snoop into your phone

Yes, she respects your privacy and wants you to have your space because she expects the same from you but still sometimes the urge to snoop into your phone is way too strong. She definitely does not want to spy on you and it is not like she does not trust you, but women are sometimes too curious to act wisely.

The curiosity can make them do stuff that they might later regret just like checking your phone because of they guilty afterward but still the feeling is there sometimes. For the mere fun of it, she might want to do it but no matter how much she knows all about what’s happening in your life and all your friends the urge gets too strong sometimes.

17. How desperately she wants to look better than every girl you have dated

 The competition is way too strong than you can even imagine it to be. You don’t even realize but she knows it on her fingertips how each of your exes looks like and she wants to look better than that every single day. She wants to be the best among all the girls that you have dated and this is the reason why women need praise.

It is like a reassurance that you love her more than your ex and that she is better than her. Consider it crazy but that’s how women are and they do this because they want to be better for you every single day. They want you to have the best experience of your life and do not want you to miss an old girlfriend just because she had pretty hair. These things matter to girls a lot and no matter how many times you tell her that she is the most beautiful woman on earth she will want to be better than your ex.

18. The secrets of her best friend

Her best friend knows most of the secrets but you might not get to know about most of the stuff going on her life. It is like the bro code that they just cannot break and they think that some things are better when left unspoken. The privacy of her best friend is way too important and even if she loves you a lot and shares most of her stuff with you, telling something super-secret about her best friend would feel like she is cheating on her.

19. How much she loves you

This is sweet in some ways. She will never tell you in words how much she loves but will keep proving it through her actions because that is what matters most. She will try her best to be the perfect one for you and even though she does not say I love you enough she does love you deeply and wants to spend the rest of her life with you.

She wants to build a home with you, raise a family with you and grow old together but she will hardly ever express these feelings in front of you so openly. She will make you feel like you are the luckiest guy on earth but words fall short for her for the amount of love she has for you.

So now you know that all the secrets that women keep from you are not intentioned in a bad way but this is how women are and they cannot help being the creatures they are.

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