19 Things Every Woman Tries To hide From Her Man

If you think that you know your girl completely,В then you’re gravely mistaken. A woman, no matter how much she loves you and lives with you still has a lot of secrets that you probably will never come to know.

  1. Her fantasies

She will tell you all about her wishes but she will never tell you about her most dark fantasies. There are so many things that she wants to do to you but will want you to figure out yourself. She is mostly scared to talk about her desires in case you might find her weird and judge her. Trust me a girl can never bear it if she has a fear of being judged.

Some girls have fetishes that they never share with their guy but can kill anyone to actually imply them in the bedroom. Women don’t know that by sharing these fantasies they will actually make their sex life better with their guys but they don’t realize it and the fear of being ridiculed overrules everything else.

  1. Her insecurities

Oh she will never tell you about how insecure she can get at times and how ridiculous it can be! She will always tell you that she is on top of the world but deep down there will be a million things going on that might even trigger her to have a break down. she might tell you all about it once she has like a dozen glasses of wine down her throat but otherwise she worships the ˜fake it till you make it expression. It is not like she wants to lie to you about anything it’s just that she does not want to seem weak and fragile. She does want you to take care of her but she does not want to seem dependent on you for anything even if that means walking down in 7 inches heels all day for you even though it is killing her feet.

  1. How much she stalked you on Facebook

This one is very common indeed. Every girl stalks the guy on Facebook before actually dating him. She tries to know at least 80% of you from your Facebook timeline and posts. She tries her best to know what kind of person you are and if you have photos of cats or babies on your profile then it is a general win-win.

Plus it’s a pleasure to scan through all your photos and posts and the comments on them by various people because then she gets a head start on what to talk about on the date.

  1. How many guys she dated before you

She will tell you but not all of it. This is something really personal and again she does not want you to judge her. Trust me, a girl has many reasons to be with someone or leave them and be with someone else. But girls often think that their guy will not understand the reason and will think they are some kind of an excessively bold girl. But in reality guys just want to know about it because it’s a necessity for them and not because they want to judge their girl. Sometimes a girl gets out of a very serious relationship and if she starts dating you she never wants to talk about her previous relationship because it hurts that much and guys usually take that in the wrong way.

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