5 Things Liars Always Say To Convince You That They’re Telling The Truth

Liars. They’re the worst. Yes, it’s true that we all lie from time to time. So, in that sense, we are liars. But there are those of us who just lie pathologically. These are the obsessive liars who are constantly spouting falsehoods every chance that they can get. They are so compulsive with the way that they lie. And they do so without regard for the feelings or welfare of other people. Sometimes, their lying is so bad that they even mislead other people for no reason at all.

There was a recent survey that was conducted by the Department of Communication at Michigan State University. The results of the survey showed that around 40% of all people are likely to tell a lie at least once a day. However, nearly 50% of all lies are told by only around 5% of all people. This 5% of people are the ones who are known to be pathological liars.

And this is definitely a scary piece of knowledge. You always want to be seeing the best in other people. You always hope that everyone is genuinely kind and loving. However, the truth is that there are just so many people out there who would be so willing to prey on the gullible and take advantage of the weak.

There are a lot of obsessive liars out there who are so good at just spreading lies and falsehoods that you would never be able to figure out that they’re being dishonest. And you’re going to be left trying to wonder whether you’ve just been told a truth or a lie.

That’s why it’s very important that you are able to protect yourself. You need to keep yourself guarded. And when it comes to dealing with liars, knowledge is always going to be your greatest ally. The more you know how a liar is going to operate, then the better you’re going to be able to deal with them should they ever try to put the moves on you.

This article is really going to help you out if you want to separate the liars from the truthtellers. If you pay enough attention, you are going to be able to spot certain patterns and consistencies that chronic liars use in their methods. And when you find that they exhibit a lot of these signs too consistently, then it’s likely that they’re just trying to pull one over you.

So be very wary of the people who say the following things:

1. “They, He, She, You… etc.”

A liar is going to avoid speaking about themselves a lot. For the most part, they are only ever going to want to talk about other people. They will want to take the heat off themselves and focus more on the people surrounding them. It’s a common diversion tactic so that they will take the attention off of their lie.

2. “To be honest with you…”

It might seem like a perfectly harmless phrase at first. But if you really take the time to think about it, a person who would be telling the truth wouldn’t really be trying too hard to convince you that they’re being genuine. They would let the truth speak for itself. They wouldn’t really feel compelled to preface whatever they have to say with a statement like “to be honest with you…” or something like that.

3. “I always…” or “I never…”

Whenever someone talks in extremes on a consistent basis, then you have reason to doubt that person’s truthfulness. The truth is that life isn’t going to always be made up of extremes. And someone who tends to speak in superlatives most of the time is someone who might be stretching the truth a little too much. So, be wary of someone who says stuff like “I always” or “I never” a lot.

4. “I’m not the one to blame!”

A serial liar is someone who is never going to take ownership or responsibility for their faults or actions. They are constantly looking for scapegoats. They will lie both to themselves and those around them about their guilt. They would never want to admit to anyone that they have made mistakes. And that’s why they would just rather find someone else to pin all of that blame on instead.

5. Oversharing or under sharing.

And of course, there is the case of the deficit or surplus in information whenever a liar is talking to you. Sometimes, in an effort to really keep you from uncovering the truth, they will give you like little details or information as possible. However, the converse is also true. They will sometimes rehearse their spiels and alibis to the point that they give you more information and details that you actually really need.

  1. “Well I guess you don’t trust me as much as I trust you…” said boyfriend when confronted with my suspicions of his cheating. Spoiler: he was.

    1. Everything always ends with ” well you ” or ” there’s something wrong with me” why can’t I give you what you need?” Or ” I don’t know how to give you what you need, I know I need to do this or thats why don’t I ” I should do this ,so it’s basically him saying I don’t know then telling me exactly what I need from him , so there goes the ” I don’t know how, and then the SLAP IN THE FACE ” WHY DONT I DO IT ?” I SEE IN IN YOUR FACE WHEN.I.DONT NOTICE YOU OR I WAIT TO LONG , I.SHOULD TAKE YOU OUT , MAKE YOU FEEL LOVED , “” BUT YOUR UNAPPROCHABLE “DAM I WONDER WHY ? IM DYING HERE , IM INVISIBLE BUT NOTHING CHANGES , 2 YRS OF ” I SHOULD ” I HAVE TO BUT NEVER FOLLOWING THRU , SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE , WHY HAVENT I LEFT?

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