6 Reasons It’s Impossible For You To Lie to An Empath

One of the most interesting things that you should know about an empath is that they are human lie detectors. They are always so good at figuring out whether you’re being honest with them or not. An empath is always going to be able to tell whenever you’re trying to pull a fast one over on them. Empaths are so good at just reading the feelings and emotions of the people that they are with. They are good at really feeling what other people are feeling.

And they are always good gauges for the emotional temperature of any room that they’re in. The fact that empaths are so skilled at just sensing the overall vibe of the people around them makes them very emotionally intelligent. They are so used to just having to gather emotional information from the people around them without even necessarily having to say a word. And that all stems from them being able to confront their own emotions as well. They are so good at processing their own feelings that it gives them space and the room to process the feelings of other people also. There is a certain kind of interpersonal intelligence that empaths have which most of the people in this world don’t have.

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability of one person to understand and interact effectively with other people according to their moods, feelings, and personalities. There are many factors that go into developing a person’s interpersonal intelligence such as physical and verbal communication, mood sensitivity, emotional understanding, pattern recognition, open-mindedness, and so much more. At the end of the day, people with interpersonal intelligence are just so much better at dealing with other people. They understand the needs of others and so they are able to adjust themselves in order to cater to those needs. They are so good at making other people feel comfortable because they know exactly how they need to be conducting themselves to achieve that end.

However, a lot of the empath’s gifts can be very frustrating for them to deal with as well. They often find themselves overwhelmed with having to deal with their own feelings and the feelings of the people around them. Nothing gets past an empath; not even all of your words of lies and deceit. That’s why you should make it a point to NEVER be dishonest with an empath. They are going o be able to tell right away when you’re just trying to mislead them from the truth.

And if you’re curious as to why an empath is so good at reading your mind and telling whenever you’re lying, here are a few reasons to convince you further.

1. They really know when you’re not being sincere.

They are always able to tell when you don’t really mean what you’re saying or when you don’t really mean what you’re doing. Sincerity is always something that an empath is going to be able to gauge accurately in other people.

2. They are able to tell whenever you’re not feeling your best.

Even when you try to lie to an empath by saying that you’re “okay”, they will still figure out that you’re dealing with some very serious issues. They always know when the people around them are going through some kind of personal struggle.

3. They have great attention to detail.

An empath is always paying attention to the littlest details in how you are conducting yourself. They pay attention to your body language, your choice of words, and even to the tone of your voice. They can tell a lot about what you’re feeling based on these things.

4. They know whenever you aren’t being your true and genuine self.

An empath is always going to know when you’re just trying to put on a show; when you’re trying to mask your true self with a gimmick or an act.

5. They are able to recognize people who are always so negative.

They know whenever they are around negative people. And they also understand that negative people tend to be prone to lying and dishonesty. And so they make it a point to always distance themselves from these kinds of people.

6. They can read right through your eyes and into your soul.

You don’t even have to be saying a thing. An empath is going to be able to tell what you’re thinking and feeling just by looking into your eyes. It’s a very uncanny gift that they have and they use it whenever they want to extract the truth from someone.

So really, don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to lie to an empath. You are only going to make a fool out of yourself. In fact, just stop lying to people altogether. Dishonesty is wrong and you aren’t doing anyone any favors by lying. Honesty is the best policy, as they say. And remember that the faster you come to terms with the truth, the easier it’s going to be to actually deal with your problems.

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