9 Things Empaths Will Hide From You

Empaths are people who are known for their kindness and sensitivity. They have very soft hearts, and they are constantly staying mindful of the people around them. They are incredibly selfless and they would never want to cause pain towards other people. They are also very intuitive people who really know how to listen to their instincts. They are also very in tune with how they feel, and they rarely ever have much difficulty with navigating through their personal feelings and emotions.

If there are empathetic people in your life, you might enjoy their company a lot. However, it’s also likely that you don’t really take notice of the all the things that are going on with them. They don’t necessarily run to other people for help when they are feeling overwhelmed, and so you might not really be aware of the demons that they face in their own lives. And that’s why you really need to pay attention. An empath is always going to try to be there for you, and the least you can do is be there for them as well even when they don’t ask you to.

What are some examples of things that an empath might be hiding from you? Well, here are a few of them:

1. They feel the emotions of others profoundly.

Empaths are always going to be able to experience the feelings of the people around them as if they were their own. They have a tendency to take on the moods and emotional states of the people they surround themselves with. That’s why they are a lot happier whenever they are around jovial people, and they become more negative when they are around toxic people.

2. They feel their own emotions in more immense ways than other people would.

The pain that you feel in your own life is going to be nothing when compared to the pain of an empath. It’s not that you have more pain tolerance; it’s just that an empath is typically more in touch with feelings and emotions. And when that’s the case, they are able to feel these things to their greatest depths – no matter how negative or positive that might be.

3. They feel much more connected to the natural world than most other people.

Empaths are going to be very much comfortable in the natural world. It’s likely that an empath will be much more drawn to parks, forests, lakes, beaches, and other natural wonders. They aren’t really all that fond of manmade structures such as buildings and other artificial constructs.

4. They need a lot of time to just be on their own.

They really value whatever “alone time” they can get. They have a tendency to get overwhelmed whenever they are surrounded by other people a lot. They really like to be alone with their thoughts and feelings. They have very loud and chaotic souls; and sometimes, they just need a little peace and quiet to make sense of it all.

5. They are really good at telling when other people are lying.

They are so skilled at reading people, and that’s why liars are never safe around empaths. Empaths tend to take notice of the littlest gestures and mannerisms. They are good at reading people; that’s why it would never be wise to lie to an empath. They would be able to tell right away.

6. They keep on giving; sometimes at the expense of their own well-being.

They are just natural givers. They have very kind and generous souls. They would never be afraid of being of service to other people; even if that means them having to suffer as a result. They don’t mind compromising their own well-being for the sake of others.

7. They tend to attract negative and toxic people.

An empath isn’t going to judge or discriminate against others. They have very nurturing and welcoming personalities. That is why they tend to attract the people who are greatly broken and toxic. They attract those of us who are in dire need of fixing. They welcome the kinds of people that most of us tend to avoid in life.

8. They get stressed out fairly quickly and easily.

An empath is going to get stressed out really quickly – and the reason for this is that they tend to take on the stresses of other people as their own. They aren’t merely concerning themselves with their own lives; they are also very much invested in the lives of those who are around them. They are very selfless in that sense.

9. They are very good judges of character.

They are really good at weeding out the bad from the good. But don’t think that they are discriminatory in that sense. They are still always going to be open to accepting all forms of human beings in their lives. It’s just that they are very skilled at determining just what kind of person anyone might be.

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