6 Personality Traits You Often Find In People Who Like To Be Alone

There is this common misconception about people who prefer to be alone and by themselves; they are often branded as outcasts and weirdos. A lot of people typically assume that just because they aren’t particularly fond of being in various social situations, they are probably huge eccentrics who don’t really get along with others too well. They are probably too weird to the point that they aren’t designed to function well in society. And that’s wrong. These are all very ignorant beliefs that a lot of people can have on the person who prefers to be alone.

They often get branded as individuals who are dark and twisted. They are probably damaged and that’s why they like to shield themselves from the rest of society. They are probably incredibly anxious people who are dealing with lots of depression and loneliness all of the time. Their lives must be so full of darkness and sorrow; it must be difficult for them to find happiness in the way that they live their lives. But all of these beliefs are wrong. In fact, it’s in solitude wherein they are able to find the most comfort and joy. It’s when they are left alone with their thoughts where they feel the happiest.

It’s when they are allowed to be themselves; free from the judging eye of the world around them where they can really feel genuine nirvana. That’s why they always crave the solitude. And it would be foolish to judge them as weird outcasts just because they aren’t fond of being surrounded by other people all of the time. There are many things that lie underneath the surface of the person who likes to be alone. And here are some of them:

1.They are always very loyal. It takes a lot to be able to win over the trust of a person who typically likes to be alone. The reason they can be very hard to win over is because they are uncomfortable with vulnerability. They know that trusting another person is essentially allowing oneself to be vulnerable to that person. And they don’t want to just be so trusting of everyone around them. But once you are actually able to earn their trust, you know that you have it for life. You are ALWAYs going to be able to rely on them to be on your side. They will ALWAYS have your back. You know that you have a lifelong ally in them once you prove to them that you’re worthy.

2.They are also very much open to exploring new ideas and methods of thinking. You have to know that these people who like to be alone are capable of great depth. Most of the time, when they are left alone with their own thoughts, they can get really deep. Remember that they don’t exactly think like everyone else; and so, they are always going to be able to provide a fresh perspective on things. You never know what you’re going to get when you have a conversation with them.

3.They are bound to keep a level head. The fact that they spend so much time on their own is a testament to just how in tune they are with their own emotions. They know themselves pretty well because they don’t always have to be dealing with the lives and drama of other people. And that’s why you know that they are always going to be able to keep things together during times of crises. They know themselves well enough to conduct themselves in a certain way all of the time – regardless of the situation.

4.They can always be left alone because they are comfortable with their own thoughts. A lot of people assume that those who like to be alone are often very bored because of the lives that they lead. But that is a common misconception. These people who like to be alone aren’t bored whenever they are facing their own solitude. They are able to entertain themselves by thinking. They go really deep into their thoughts; and that’s why these people also tend to have great intellectual depth.

5.These people are really mindful of time. They know the value of it. They understand the importance of being able to set aside time every day to just be alone with their thoughts; and that’s why they hate it whenever their time ends up getting wasted on something trivial or stupid. That is also the reason why these people tend to be very mindful of the time of others as well.

6.These people are going to have very clear and strong boundaries. They are going to have very strict ground rules. They won’t always be so keen on letting people into their lives; and once someone does manage to get through, it’s going to take a lot before they can gain full access.

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