14 Ways To Know If He’s Hiding Something

Have you been cheated on?

Cheating can be a very complicated issue in any relationship. There are so many couples that struggle with staying loyal. Infidelity is just so rampant these days, and it seems like you’re only the exception to the rule if you don’t engage in polygamy. So there’s little doubt why a lot of women can be skeptical of their men. We’ve seen how infidelity can wreck relationships, and we never want it to happen to us so we try to keep our eyes open for any hints.

A cheating man will try to cover his tracks in an attempt to conceal the truth from you and keep you in the dark. However, you never want to act the fool. You always want to be in the know, and so you try your best to be a few steps ahead of your man. If he’s hiding a secret from you, then you will be able to tell by looking out for these hints.

1. There is a drop in the level of communication in your relationship.

If he used to be very open and communicative with you, and you notice that that is no longer the case, then something is definitely up. He might be reserving his emotional energy and passions for another person, and you should definitely get to the bottom of it.

2. He guilt-trips you constantly.

He is very guilty about what he is doing to you and so he wants to deflect that guilt unto you. If you happen to screw up in the relationship, no matter how small, he will make you feel immensely bad for it. It’s his way of compensating for the guilt that he is feeling now.

3. He spends lots of late nights outside the house.

If late nights at work or nights out with friends are becoming a regular occurrence, then maybe you have some cause for concern. There’s no harm in innocently asking his friends or workmates to verify the authenticity of his alibis.

4. You catch him in a lie often.

If he’s constantly telling you little lies, then there is no telling what else he is lying about. You never know when his little lies are just made to conceal an even bigger lie that could potentially shatter your heart to pieces.

5. He acts nervous and anxious all the time.

If he’s acting all fidgety and restless, then these are telltale signs of a person who is hiding something. While there can be many contributors to a person’s anxiety, one possible reason would be that he is worried about him getting caught in his lies.

6. He starts distancing himself from you.

He doesn’t want to be put in a position wherein he might compromise himself, and so he will start to distance himself from you every chance he gets. He’s not confident in his abilities to hold himself together and so he will start avoiding you at all costs.

7. He overcompensates by being uncharacteristically nice to you.

If he is acting uncharacteristically nice to you all of a sudden, it might be a manifestation of his guilt. You know how he really is, and if his level of niceness is something out of the ordinary, then you can bet that something is definitely wrong.

8. He doesn’t offer physical gestures of intimacy.

If there is a sudden drop in your level of intimacy as a couple, then there is something wrong. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating on you, but he may be hiding something and that can be contributing to his lack of enthusiasm in the relationship.

9. He offers too many details in his alibis.

One common way to tell when a person is lying is if their alibis and stories have too many details in them. That means they’ve probably practiced telling these alibis beforehand in an attempt to conceal their lies.

10. He starts ignoring you more often.

There’s definitely something wrong whenever your partner starts ignoring you more often. Loving couples without anything to hide from each other always maintain healthy and open communication. Any signs otherwise could mean that something is up.

11. He has no problems with pointing out your flaws.

He doesn’t care about how belittling you would make you feel. He’s going to do it. He will demean you and make you feel bad about yourself. This is only his way of coping with the fact that he also feels bad about himself because of what he is hiding from you.

12. He doesn’t introduce you to new friends.

He knows that introducing you to new friends could potentially lead to you finding out about things he doesn’t want you to know about. The less you know about the people he hangs out with, the better it would be for him.

13. He has unusual or secretive texts and phone calls.

If you catch him answering secretive phone calls outside of work hours, and you catch him slyly texting another person in your presence, then you have cause for concern. Don’t rule anything out in an age where secret communication is so easy.

14. Your instinct is telling you so.

Trust your guy. It’s always looking out for you and when it tells you that something is wrong, then most likely, that’s the case.

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