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15 Thoughts a Man Has When He Finally Finds the Right Woman

When a king meets his queen…

Men who are used to fooling around, men who do not care about the future a lot and men who like to keep it short, mostly and usually find the women of their dreams when they are not searching. For such men, the right woman changes everything from their personality to their habits and they willingly let her because they have never felt this way for anyone before.

Although they feel lucky once they get lucky, men have these 15 thoughts when they find their Mrs. Right, which is about trying to repel, giving it a chance and finally giving in to her love.

1. I have got to resist:

In the beginning, when they realize they are starting to like you a lot, they try to resist. Because of their nature, they find it a little hard to believe that they actually like someone with whom they do not want to be for just one day or one night. They resist partly because they see themselves getting soft which they hate and partly because they are afraid they will get rejected because such is their level of admiration for you. Before stepping in, they think of stepping out.

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2. She keeps getting prettier:

Men who do not stay interested in women for too long find it a bit surprising to find someone beautiful even after a long time of being with them. Lust makes them stay attracted only in the starting period and it fades over time but when a man finally falls in love, his Mrs. Right keeps getting prettier every day. The reason behind this may be that he looks at her closely every day and wants to see the beauty in her. Taming of such men is such a wonderful thing to experience.

3. It feels respectful:

The definition of respect can vary from person to person. From the perspective of a man who has never really cared about giving or receiving respect in a relationship, it is something very new and feels great. By being with the right woman, he begins to learn about how a person is respected; her ways make him see the beauty indecency and he tries to keep it that way. Her habit of respecting the relationship and him fascinate her as he tries to reciprocate them. He learns about all the things that accompany love.

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4. I don’t care, I still love her:

All of us have some baggage that we carry around and sometimes try our best to hide from our dates. But if somehow, he discovers yours or you tell him by yourself, it won’t make a difference for him. If it is your bad choice of friends that you regret or any mess that you made in the past and can’t seem to get past it, he will try to bear the weight of it with you or even try to get rid of it for you if he is really, actually into you.

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