20 Not So Obvious Signs That You’ve Met Your Forever Person

Soulmates forever <3

1.tYou both really enjoy running errands and chores so as long as you’re doing it together. You find joy in doing the laundry and going grocery shopping with one another because you really enjoy each other’s company.

2.tYou have just as much fun eating a cheap microwave meal on your couch at home as you would when you go out to a really fancy restaurant for dinner. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re eating. If you’re together, you have fun.

3.tNeither of you ever have to worry about what you look like to the other when you’re eating. You can guiltlessly stuff your face in whatever you want without feeling conscious or insecure about how you look.

4.tYou don’t care about what you look like to one another when you’re sleeping. In fact, you even fall in love with one another the more that you look at each other sleeping even with the snoring, drooling, and the rest.

5.tYou absolutely love it when you dress up for one another. You love it when you actually both put some effort into trying to look good for each other. But you also couldn’t care less if you’re just lounging around in sweatpants and oversized shirts all day long.

6.tYou love it whenever your partner gives you something luxurious or expensive as a gift and you really appreciate that. But you both know that you always have a greater appreciation for the more meaningful and heartfelt gifts or gestures. It’s not about the price. It’s about the love.

7.tNeither of you are afraid of calling each other out whenever necessary. You aren’t afraid to reprimand one another. But when you do so, you always do it out of love and genuine concern. You do it because you want to make one another better.

8.tYou don’t feel the need to engage in constant PDA just to show off to others or to yourselves that you aren’t ashamed of your love. You are both secure enough about how you feel for one another that your PDA is entirely unnecessary. A simple look from across the table is enough for the both of you.

9.tYour partner always supports you whenever you need some sort of confidence boost. But they also understand their limits. They know whenever it’s appropriate to just leave you alone to figure things out on your own.

10.tYou both feel free to discuss absolutely anything with one another. Your conversations are always no holds barred because you both know that neither of you will ever judge the other about anything you might say or bring up.

11.tYou love going to social gatherings and events together. While some people would hate having to attend weddings, baptisms, or mitzvahs of people they barely know, you both don’t really mind. You see it as another chance for you to spend time with each other.

12.tYou have your own simple secret language that you use for one another. It’s a language that only the two of you use and understand.

13.tYou have a very good understanding of one another’s personalities to the point that you know each other really well. You would be able to accurately answer any question on behalf of each other because you are both operating on the same mental wavelengths.

14.tYou have very unique and creative terms of endearment that not many other people might be able to understand or relate to.

15.tYou don’t get grossed out whenever either of you gets sick or struck with the flu. In fact, you would both do whatever it takes to heal one another back to optimal condition even if it meant risking getting sick as well in the process.

16.tYou both know that you annoy one another every once in a while but you both let it slip because the both of you know that the annoying parts of your personality are what help make you who you are. And you really wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

17.tThe both of you could sit in perfect silence in front of one another and not feel totally weird about it. You could both be doing your own thing and still feel the love that you have for each other without even uttering a single word.

18.tYou actually look forward to whatever time you get to spend with each other regardless of where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing. As long as you’ll both be together, you will be happy.

19.tYou feel incredibly protective of one another even though you both know that you are mature and strong enough to defend yourselves on your own.

20.tYou wouldn’t trade your partner in for all the riches and luxurious items in the world.

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