31 Ways to Know You’re in The Right Relationship

All around us, people are fighting and surviving in the dating jungle and every now and then, a winner appears. Yes, perfect relationships are very rare but they’re not an impossibility.

Relationships are tricky especially in the 21st century. All around us, people are fighting and surviving in the dating jungle and every now and then, a winner appears. Yes, perfect relationships are very rare but they’re not an impossibility. The age we live in, verbal commitments and even contractual commitments such as marriages are not an accurate indicator of a right relationship. Instead, there are countless factors that play an important role when it comes to identifying the right relationship and in order to enlighten our readers, we have drawn up a list of those indicators

  1. You and your partner do not fear commitments

Certainty is the foundation of every good relationship. You and your partner are not at all afraid to commit to one another and provide each other with the certainty. All of us need an anchor in this high-stress world and nothing identifies a good relationship quite like a solid commitment does.

  1. You and your partner do not hide things from one another

Trust, is another important foundation when it comes to lasting love. You know it is a right relationship where there is absolute trust and you always tell each other every significant thing. In fact, you two have blind belief in the words of one another. How can a relationship not be perfect when there is unconditional trust between the partners?

  1. Snooping

Along with the trust, you and your partner respect one another’s privacy. There is no snooping of any kind in your relationship and all of the personal boundaries are respected. Even if your partner leaves his or her phone behind, there is no temptation to go through the emails and messages because you know, that there is nothing you do not know about your partner’s life.

  1. Proud of the relationship

Both of you are proud of your relationship and you do not try to hide it from the people. All of your close family and friends know about the relationship.

  1. Equality

Neither of you think of themselves as superior in the relationship. Both you and your partner are on the same level and there is no power struggle in the relationship. This also includes housework and financial equality.

  1. Careers

You and your partner are driven towards progressing in your career and at the same time, neither of you are jealous of each other’s successes. In fact, you cherish the successes and support on another in the time of failure.

  1. Relationship comes first

You do not let anything or anyone come between your relationship. In fact, your relationship is entirely a private matter and whenever the issues arise, you two talk about them without involving a third-party. Moreover, you and your partner prioritize the relationship over everything else. – Continue reading on the next pageВ 

  1. Suppressing emotions

Even when the inevitable issues and differences arise in the relationship, you and your partner do not sweet them under the carpet. Instead, you two talk about the issues as soon as possible so that the resentment does not build up with time.

  1. Arguments in Public

You and your partner never have and never will argue in public. You two understand that whatever the issue is, it can be resolved peacefully in a private place. Moreover, you two respect each other way too much to be rude in public.

  1. Dependency

There is no unhealthy dependency. You two do not expect one another to leave everything behind when you are going through something and needs support. Instead, you will cherish the healthy amount of support that you do get from your partner in the times of need

  1. Neediness

There is no neediness or clinginess in the relationship. You two always provide one another with enough breathing room. It is understood that a little space is always good and you two actually give one another time to miss the companionship.

  1. Losing yourself.

Yes, your relationship is one of the most important aspects of your life but neither you, nor your partner let it become the only aspect. Both of you still work, exercise, socialize and volunteer like you used to before getting into a relationship. If anything, your relationship is an integration to your life and not your whole reason to live. It is one of the things that motivate you to do things but it certainly is not the only thing that motivates you in life.

  1. No Plan B

Right relationships have no plan B. You and your partner do not keep a plan B in case the relationship doesn’t work out. You two know, that you can make the relationship work at all costs and this faith makes the Plan B redundant. So, neither of you are in contact with your exes in an emotional way and there is so thought of having a backup plan.

  1. Drama and Attention seeking

There is no need for drama in your relationship. Partners usually resort to drama when they need to grab their significant other’s attention. But, your relationship is different, there is no need for attention seeking because you two provide one another with the adequate amount of attention and then some.

  1. Giving your all

You and your partner are investing all of their energies into the relationship. You are giving your all even if there is a chance of heartbreak because your relationship is worth it.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Respect

You two not only respect one another but also the people you are closest to. You two respect each other’s families and you get along with all of their friends.

  1. Inspiration

The two of you inspire each other to be better humans and better providers. Because of your partner, you believe in yourself.

  1. Acceptance

There is an unconditional acceptance of one another even with all the flaws. In fact, you two do not try to mold one another into your idea of perfection but instead, you two realize that you are in love with the whole person, including their little flaws and quirks. Moreover, the difference in opinion is also respected and accepted

  1. Physical intimacy

You do not let the physical intimacy fade over time. Humans are creatures of habit but following one ritual for two long makes the habit boring. Which is why, you two try new things in bed after talking about your fantasies, likes and dislikes.

  1. Emotional intimacy

You know that you always have a shoulder to cry on. In both personal and relationship issues, you two do not withhold emotional intimacy. At the end of the day, you are always there for your partner and your partner is always there for you.

Oh and, Date nights are a must!

  1. Distance

Yes, as humans we all need alone time every now and then in order to gather ourselves. Which is why, you do not mind a little time apart from one another. It makes you clear your head and it actually makes the relationship better. Moreover, when your partner asks for some time alone, you are not offended by taking it personally because you know that it isn’t about you.

  1. Fight

You two fight because there is no way two people can agree on something all the time. But what matters is that you do not fight ugly. Arguments are solved as soon as possible and without any emotional damage to either of you.

  1. Making time

You two always make sure that you take out time for each other. We can always take out time for the people we care about and your partner proves it every time. Even during busy days, your partner makes time for the two of you to be together or at least talk a little.

  1. Future

You and your partner talks about the future quite often and you two talk about it as if it’s already happening. Also, the future seems happy and bright. Even if you two have no plans to marry yet, you still picture yourselves growing old together.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Consideration

Consideration doesn’t have to be identified through big gestures. Your partner bringing you morning tea is consideration, your partner doing all the house chores when you are under the weather is consideration and your partner taking care of the finances during your career transitioning period is consideration.

  1. Gifts

You two are always giving one another gifts. They do not have to be expensive and often, they are not. Giving gifts is a great way to show your partner that you were thinking of them and that way, you can make them feel special. In fact, your relationship is so right, that every time your partner goes to a new place, he or she brings a souvenir for you, in order to share that memory with you.

  1. Social life

You and your partner understand the importance of having a separate social circle. Of course you cannot be around your partner’s friends all the time and your partner cannot be around your friends and family all the time. Which is why, you two have separate social circles and you two do not mind it when the attention is divided for a little while.

  1. Inclusion

You and your partner include one another in all of the life plans. When possible, you two plan your future plans around one another. Even before going out for a run, you ask your partner if they want to join you.

  1. Sacrifices

Of course, no two humans are exactly similar which is why differences arise and cause most of the relationship issues. However, in a right relationship the partners learn to make sacrifices and adjustment. If anything, this shows how perfect the relationship is where you two make sacrifices to be fit for one another.

  1. No shyness

There is no shyness when it comes to biology. You two are perfectly okay with farting or burping in front of each other. Often, you even forget to close the restroom door while pooping or taking a shower.

  1. Letting things go

Let’s face it, us humans are flawed and like all humans, we sometimes end up saying things that hurt our loved ones. Most of the times, we do not mean the hurtful things but well, the words come out anyway and it’s impossible to take them back. However, forgiveness and letting go is one of the biggest indicators of a perfect relationship. If your partner lets go of the things that are said in anger, you are in a great relationship!

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