What It’s Like To Be The Girl Who Can’t Move On

Some women believe that their first relationship has to be their last one and they will eventually get married to that same man and have babies with him. There is nothing wrong with wanting this. In some cases some women may end up getting married to the first love of their life. In many cases the first relationship is either a disaster or a great learning.

For some women, the reasons why they do not move on from their first relationship is either because they were madly in love with the guy, or they believed that the guy was the best option for them. In either case, when a woman breaks up with the guy that she loves or the guy that she wanted to have a future with, she would have a hard time interacting with other men for the sake of having a new relationship with them.

There are many indications which show that the woman is having a hard time and moving on. One cannot mention all the indications but some are popular among all those women who are going through this hard time.

  1. Starts to avoid social gatherings

The first one would be that she would not want to be social or join others in different social activities. People who are the closest to that certain woman would see the changes so much that they would actually start to get worried for that woman. Some people really want to believe that this is normal and with time the woman would move on but the reality is that moving on for that woman on her own is not easy and it will take a lot of struggle. Some women in this state are not even ready to work hard for their own betterment. Instead they prefer to mourn over their loss. – В Continue reading on next page

  1. Lack of interest in fun activities

The second indication is that the woman will show a lack of interest in all those activities in which that woman previously said that she was highly interested in or enjoyed these activities a lot.

One may start to believe that the symptoms resemble those of depression. It might be true for some because sometimes the symptoms of a heartbreak and depression are similar. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the woman would need professional help. Sometimes the right amount of attention and Care from the loved ones is enough to bring that person back on track.

  1. External cues making it harder for the woman to recover

The third problem That Others May observe is that the woman would remember her ex over small things. Like a song which they both probably enjoyed together or some sort of food which they both enjoyed to eat together. Anything like that would keep on reminding her about the time that she spent with him. Mostly those are good times that she will remember because a heartbreak due to a break up usually makes the person remember all those things about their which made them happy.

Friends and family cannot remove these external cues, but what they can do is that they can make the suffering person believe that they don’t have to let themselves get inside those memories and think deeply about them. Yes, we do realize that it may sound really easy but actually it’s not so easy.

The real motivation comes from within and when the family makes the woman believe that she needs to move on for her own betterment, that is when she would realize that she has to stop herself from remembering all those memories through external cues. This is the part where the struggle of the loves ones comes in. Friends and family will have to work hard in order to let the woman know that she needs to fix all this for her own good.В – В Continue reading on next page

4. So what are the other ways through which the woman can move on?

One more thing that can be done in order to bring the woman back on track is to tell her that only strong women are able to move on, because moving on is not easy and not everybody can do it. It may sound offensive or against all those women who have been so much in love that they just cannot move on or some may believe that it is unfair to think that only strong women are able to move on, but this is the truth that those women who believe that there is more to life are actually strong and more practical. They decide to let the past go and start life in a new way.

It may be easier for many to understand this through an example which is that at one side you have a whole new life where you can start from the very beginning and keep yourself and your loved ones happy. You can keep yourself mentally healthy. At the same time you can avoid putting your loved ones in the torture where they get to see you suffering every day. On the other side you are sad or even depressed with all your loved ones who worry for you and want you to get better. A sensible woman would go for the first option.

At the end of the day we all know that it is really hard to recover from a heartbreak but this is life. Problems such as giving up on life or getting depressed is a luxury that not everyone can afford in the 21st century. So it is either Live Your Life along with keeping others happy or it is be sad and see others around you getting sad as well. The choice eventually folds down on the woman who has to recover.

Some realities are harsh but what matters is that how strong we are to face these realities. Your opinions matter a lot so do let us know you opinion about this information.

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