4 Forms Of Cheating In Relationships That Don’t Involve Being Physical

You have to know that cheating can take its shape in various forms. Sure, the most popular image of cheating is engaging in some kind of physical relations with someone outside of the relationship. But you have to know that cheating, unfaithfulness, and cheating can mean so many things to so many different people. What you consider to be harmless and innocent might actually be really offensive and hurtful to your partner.
You might assume that what you’re doing is fine but your partner might already be seeing it as an act of betrayal.

Cheating has just become infinitely more complicated because of the advent of technology. However, that doesn’t mean that we get a free pass to be ignorant about it. We should still be doing our parts in educating ourselves regarding the matter especially when we are in committed relationships. There are many ways in which we can be engaging in some form of cheating without us even realizing it. And if you’re curious about how you might be acting unfaithful to your partner, then just continue to read on until the end of this article.

Cheating is always unfortunate. You make a commitment to be loyal and faithful to someone. And yet, you choose to betray your partner’s trust by not keeping your hands to yourself. You engage in physical relations with someone else and you do so selfishly.

You cheat on your partner just to benefit yourself without any regard for your partner’s feeling. That’s blatant cheating and there’s no getting around it. Remember that the one thing that separates friends from lovers is physical attraction. And you are being physical with just about anyone, it shows that you don’t really value the love that your partner is giving you.

But you also have to know that you don’t need to be physical to be cheating on your partner.

There are A LOT of ways that you can be engaging in cheating that don’t really involve being physical at all. Here are a few forms of cheating that you might be guilty of which have nothing to do with being physical. If you arm yourself with this knowledge, at least you will be able to police yourself if you ever start stepping into that grey area.

1. Emotional Cheating

Emotional affairs are the most dangerous because they aren’t always the most obvious. It can be very easy to get into an emotional affair with someone without even realizing it. Emotional cheating is when you start confiding your feelings and emotions with someone else even when you don’t do the same with your own partner. Your partner should always be your go-to when it comes to expressing yourself.

2. Online Cheating

It’s a new world. Social media is taking the world by storm. At this point, practically all of us live on the internet. That’s why it can be very easy to have an affair with someone online even when you think that it’s all just casual and fun. You should know that just because all your flirtations are done online doesn’t mean that it can’t be considered cheating. It’s still a kind of cheating done on a new platform.

3. Romantic Cheating

Out of all the forms of cheating, this is probably the worst one – physical cheating included. When your partner has been physical with someone else, it might be easier to recover from when you know that no feelings are involved. But when your partner gets involved with someone in a romantic sense, then you know that that is definitely bad news. It means that there ARE feelings involved and that an have some seriously bad implications for your own relationship

4. Object Cheating

Object cheating is the kind of cheating that isn’t really done with a human being. It’s the kind of cheating that is done with an object – perhaps it is a hobby, a job, a passion project, an interest, or whatever. It’s when you actually start compromising the quality of your relationship and the time that you spend with your partner. It’s always okay to have a life outside of your relationship. But you should still make it a point to prioritize your relationship. Remember that you will never be able to make something work unless you devote time to it.

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