These five things can kill a relationship, avoid them!

Not allrelationships are going to have fairytale narratives. They’re not always goingto be smooth and easy. Relationships are going to face a lot of uphill battlesand stumbles along the way. But that’s always part of the deal. The best kindsof couples are the ones who are able to power through adversities. They are theones who are able to foster healthy environments for their love and affection.These relationships are constantly making conscious efforts to create intimateand nurturing situations.

Given all that,it is not uncommon for even the best kinds of relationships to go through roughpatches. We are only human and we all have our individual flaws. Theseindividual flaws can carry over into the relationship and there’s just nostopping it. These rough patches can be brought about by a multitude of things.The key is in determining what the underlying causes of these rough patches areand working very hard to fix them.

However, not allcouples are ass introspective or adept at finding problems as others. As aresult, these couples never know the root cause of their troubles and so theyhave no way of fixing them. This article aims to list down the most commonsilent problem causers in a relationship. If you think that your relationshipis guilty of exhibiting some of these problem causers, then you have to workdouble time in trying to salvage your relationship.

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1. Not being receptive and responsive.

Relationshipsrely heavily on the feelings and emotions of the people involved. Whenever yourpartner comes to you with a problem or with a thought, you always have to bereceptive of it no matter how big or small. You can’t shrug your partner’smusings off as if they don’t matter to you. You always have to maintain openlines of communication with your partner at all times. You have to allow yourpartner the freedom to come to you for anything. And you must always be a goodlistener in the process. You have to make your partner feel like you valueeverything that he/she says to you. You have to make them feel like they’rebeing heard and understood at all times.

2. Underlying resentment.

A lot of peoplewill go through with relationships despite the fact that they secretly resentone another. They think that their love will be enough to carry them through whateverill-feelings they are harboring for each other. Resentment can stem from a widevariety of possible culprits. But the most important things that couples can dois to never harbor this resentment for a long period of time. Couples need toaddress their feelings head on or just let them go completely. They can’t allowthemselves to get bogged down by their ill-feelings because that isn’t ahealthy way of going about life at all. The emotional baggage can be too muchfor a lot of relationships. Don’t let secret resentment be the cause for thedownfall of your union.

3. Sexual mediocrity.

Having an activeand interesting sex life is a very important aspect for most modernrelationships. The best kinds of relationships have partners who are alwayswilling to explore each other’s bodies with utmost care, love, intimacy, andaffection. People who are in good relationships are never selfish when it comesto sex. They always make it a point to leave their partner feeling satisfiedsexually. If either one or both of you are feeling sexually disappointed witheach other, this could spell huge disaster for your relationship. Talk thingsout and be honest about what you need from each other sexually. Try your bestto make sure that your partner is always feeling sexually satisfied. – Continue reading on the next page

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4. Suppressed disappointment.

Let yourfeelings out. If your partner is disappointing you in some aspect of therelationship, then you have to be honest about it. If your partner isn’tmeeting your expectations about something, then you have to voice yourself out.You can’t afford to suppress your disappointment in your partner becausehonesty is the only way you can both help improve one another. If you suppressyour disappointment, it could possibly lead you to developing a sense of anger andresentment for your partner, and that is never healthy in a relationship.

5. Shortage of trust and honesty.

Always allowyourself to trust your partner with all of your heart. Always let your partnerknow that you value honesty above anything else in the relationship. You shouldboth be willing to trust each other with the truth at all times. You have to bemature enough to face the music no matter how difficult. You can’t afford to becomforting each other with lies. You have to trust in your own abilities toovercome any obstacles that may come your way. Trust in your love for eachother to help you pull through. Trust in your willingness to work hard for thisrelationship always. 

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