6 Early Signs He’s A Player And Isn’t Serious About You

Many women get heartbroken because they could not find the right man. In a few cases, some men turn out to be players, which is why some women are scared to get into a relationship. They must know how to find out whether the guy they are in love with is an honest one or not. Of course, women are not mind readers.

We have 6 ways for all you women out there through which you can find out whether your man is actually in love with you.

1. He love bombs you

We all want to feel special and loved, and a philanderer knows how to do that. They start by showing you a lot of love and attention right from the start, without really getting to know you. They use sweet words to make you think it’s true love. Many people fall for this, believing the philanderer is too good to be real, which often turns out to be true. If you see this happening repeatedly on your dates, it’s best to say goodbye because they’re probably just playing with your feelings.

2. Most players do not make any solid plans with their dates

We’re not saying he should start talking about weddings right away, but as your dates continue, it’s normal to get more involved in each other’s lives. You start with dates, then plan vacations, meet friends, and maybe even attend family events. In a regular relationship, you become a part of each other’s future plans. When you date someone, you’ll eventually think about what your life together might be like in the long run. That’s when things get serious. However, if your date avoids or dodges any talk about the future, it’s a sign he might not be serious and could be seeing other people.

3. He Is Openly Flirtatious

One sign he might be a player is if you see him complimenting others as well as you. He might say nice things to you, but you notice he does it with others too, even when you’re there. This could mean he’s interested in more than one person, or he might not care about your feelings when he flirts in front of you. If you’ve seen this before but didn’t think much of it, or if you’re unsure, pay attention to how he behaves around others next time. He might not be as serious about your relationship as you are.

4. He Sends Too Many Mixed Signals

Getting mixed signals from your partner can be really confusing. One moment they’re into you, but then they seem distant. While people’s feelings can change without being a player, these shifts might indicate it, especially if other signs match. Sometimes, a person might start off really enthusiastic and even talk about big future plans, but then they suddenly pull away. This could mean they’re losing interest or seeing someone else. It might also be due to work or family problems affecting them, or they might just be playing games.

5. His Past Dating Experience

Looking at someone’s past relationships (or lack of them) can sometimes give you a hint if they might be a player. If he mostly has short-term relationships, a record of cheating, or has dated many people at once, he might be a player even if he says he’s only interested in you. It’s smart to be cautious and pay attention, regardless of what he claims. Often, actions say more than words in situations like this.

6. You haven’t met his friends or family

Another way to spot if a guy is playing with your feelings is by looking at how much he involves you with his loved ones. When we find someone special, we usually want our friends and family to know about them. It’s normal to introduce your partner to your close ones. So, if you’ve been dating a guy for six months or more, and he hasn’t introduced you to the important people in his life, it’s a sign he might not be serious about the relationship. Have you met or talked to any of his friends or family? If not, it’s a sign that the relationship might not be genuine.

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