6 Signs That You’re Ready To Say I Love You To Your Boyfriend

Are you not ready to say “I love you”?

I love you. Possibly the most emotionally powerful 3-word combination in the history of the English language. That’s why a lot of couples consider it a really big deal whenever the admission of love is made for the first time. Say it to soon, and you may end up freaking your partner out a little too much. Say it too late, and you risk having your partner leave you for someone else who is actually ready to commit. Remember that in relationships, it’s not enough that you are willing to love. It’s also important that you actually have good timing. No relationship can possibly survive on love alone. So why is it important to know the proper time for you to say those three magical words? Well, there are a lot of things that you need to be taking into consideration before you actually do.

Remember that when you choose to express your affections, it’s not just your own personal feelings that you need to be thinking about. You have to remind yourself that your words also have effects on other people. And you always need to be thinking about how your words can make other people feel especially when those people mean a lot to you. That’s why it’s not enough that you loosely think you’re ready to make your romantic admission. You need to be sure. You really have to put a great deal of thought into it beforehand. Here are a few signs that you’re actually ready to say those three words.

1. You never take any time that you spend with one another for granted.

You always value whatever opportunity you get to spend time with one another. You know that any time you spend together is just a valuable memory that’s waiting to happen. You always find yourself thinking about him and missing him whenever you’re apart. Of course, you are independent enough to get by on your own. You can survive being away from him and being alone. It’s just that you really don’t want to. You choose to always have him around because of how he generally makes you feel and act.

2. You accept each other’s weirdest and grossest parts.

You have reached a level of comfort in the relationship wherein you are no longer awkward around each other even when you’re being your grossest selves. You fart in front of each other. You piss with the door open. You do all the things that normal people would never do in the presence of another person. You accept each other wholeheartedly and that’s the beauty of your relationship. You don’t ignore the flaws. You recognize the presence of these flaws but you love each other regardless.

3. You have a good dynamic going on between the two of you.

The best kinds of relationships are always give and take. It’s always going to be a two-way street. No happy or successful relationship is ever composed of a dynamic wherein one person is getting more than the other. It should always be a shared effort in making things work out for the best. That’s why it’s always a good sign whenever you have a sense of balance and symmetry in your relationship. Neither of you are manipulating or using each other. Neither of you are acting like parasites. There is a mutual respect and bond between the both of you that you are trying very hard to maintain. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You have no doubts about the relationship.

One of the surefire ways that you can be sure about saying I love you to your boyfriend is when you are actually sure of the relationship. If you have no doubts in your mind that this is the man with whom you want to build a future with, then you’re definitely ready to let him know that you love him. He should be the guy that you want at your side whenever you have visions of your future success. He’s the man you envision having a family and raising beautiful children with. He’s the man you want to be with for the rest of your life and you know it for certain.

5. There is no shortage of passion between you two.

Passion is what is driving your relationship. You have the kind of heat in your love for each other that lots of couples have difficulty maintaining over long periods of time. You are both deeply passionate about each other and the relationship. You have no problems expressing your affections for each other both physically and verbally. There’s practically nothing left to do but to just admit your love for him. Once you do, then you will have reached the pinnacle of affection.

6. It’s absolute bliss for you whenever you’re together.

Happiness. That’s always the endgame. It’s in everyone’s minds. If you are genuinely happy that you’re together, then you’re ready to tell him that you love him. He is the main source of your life’s elation and you know that you love him because of it.

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